Samsung Foldable Phone Release Date Reveals Officially

Finally, Samsung has dropped some hint regarding its much-awaited foldable smartphone. The Korean OEM has recently mentioned of this on its official Twitter handle. In the tweet, there is an animation video, in which a linear figure folds into two and then straightens up. Also, Samsung mentions a tagline “the crossroads between the present and the future, where Now Meets Next“. Also, the animated video mentions the date 7th and 8th of November, which is the date for Samsung’s Developer Conference. So from this, we can assume that finally, the Samsung Foldable phone release date reveals.

The Samsung Foldable phone may begin its own series of devices which will go by the Galaxy F moniker. Earlier there have been rumors that this foldable series may be called as Galaxy X. The Developer Conference will take place at San Fransisco from 7th-8th November.

Long back in May 2018, we did share with you the fact that Samsung got its patent done for two foldable phones. One of it is a dual foldable phone and another one is a triple foldable phone. Apparently, from the Developer conference teaser video, we can say that Samsung may be providing a first look at the double foldable phone.

Samsung is really working with high spirits to bring out new innovations in the smartphone world. We know of the Samsung Flip Phone W2019. It will be coming out in 2019. Again, the Korean OEM is the first one to introduce Quad-camera smartphone with the Galaxy A9 (2018). Also, it is one of the primary manufacturers to introduce the Galaxy A7 with triple rear cameras.

So, guys.! what’re your views on the Samsung foldable phone..?! Do you think it will be the future of the smartphone..?  Share your views with us in the comments. In the meanwhile, let’s await the Developer Conference to see what exactly Samsung is going to unfold.



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