Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus Internet Data Connectivity Issues – Troubleshoot Guide

Samsung announced the recent launch of its latest smartphone devices– the Galaxy A8 (2018) and the Galaxy A8+ (2018). This is the latest Samsung flagship to hit the market as one of the most mid-range devices, following a commendable launch in Vietnam, Europe, India and UAE.

The smartphone devices come with Exynos 7885 chipset as well as an Infinity Display with either 5.6” or 6” display for the Samsung A8 and A8+ respectively. The operating system is an Android 7.1.1 Nougat, and the phone supports Bluetooth 5.0, LTE Cat.11 and Wi-Fi 802.11 ac. They come in variants of Black, Gold or Orchid Gray colour and the only available storage option is 64 GB, with a 4GB or 6GB ROM for the Samsung A8 or A8+ device respectively. 

A device with these great specs still experience some technical issues. I will be sharing with you different methods of fixing Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus internet data connectivity

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy A8 and Galaxy A8 Plus Internet Data Connectivity Issues

It could be that your Samsung A8 or A8+ device has sluggish internet data connection or even no signal. It is important to check your internet data if it’s turned on or still off because that might be the problem. There are other reasons to consider as well which could be the cause of this trouble, it could possibly be a software issue after a system update or even a hardware issue. These steps below should help fix the Galaxy A8 Plus Internet Data Connectivity issues if it’s a software problem;

  1. Check Data and Network Signal

Your Samsung device should have enough data balance in order to use the mobile internet service. You could also contact your network service provider new to check your data balance because if you may have subscribed to a limited data bundle, it might be the cause of the problem. Also, check your phone’s signal strength, you should have nothing less than one bar in your signal quality so as to use the network service in your area. This could also cause the network connection issue.

  1. Check Network Settings

Depending on the network you are using, you could either use automatic or manual network mode. When your Samsung device is in automatic network mode, it will automatically connect to the nearest available network in the location. However, in order to determine the cause of the problem, we should select the manual network and connect to all available network options to determine the strongest network signal.


To enable the manual network mode, locate the Mobile Networks option of your device Settings menu, then tap on Network operators. Tap on Search networks and then select one from the variety of available networks, then Tap on the Home icon. Repeat these step until you get a quality network signal from the available manual networks.

  1. Power Off and On your device

When your Samsung A8 or A8 plus device start having network connectivity issue, you should simply power off your Android device completely, wait for few seconds (30-60 seconds), and then power the phone back on. This is a form of soft reset. Then try checking the network connection again to see if this simple trick helped to fix it. If it doesn’t, then proceed to the next step.

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  1. Eject SIM card and Reinsert it

If after a simple restart, your Android device still has the network issue, kindly check if your SIM card is in place. Switch off the device again and eject the SIM card. Check and clean both the SIM tray and the card to ensure that they are free from dust. Put the SIM card back in and switch on the device.

  1. Wipe Cache Partition

Cache partition contains files which can be a problem to the Galaxy A8 or Galaxy A8 Plus internet data connectivity when they become corrupted. It could even affect other apps on your device. If you encounter any network connectivity problem, then you would need to clear the cache partition so that your device gets to build fresh cache files. This cache files can be wiped when your device is switched off and turned on into the Recovery Mode. Once this is wiped, restart the device and see if the Galaxy A8 Plus Internet Data Connectivity Issues has been fixed.

  1. Restore Factory Settings

This reset setting removes every data and all third party apps from your phone. It is therefore advised to back up all important files before you proceed to reset your device to factory settings. This function is located in the Backup and Reset menu of the device’s setting. Then tap on Factory Reset. This will reset the device. You could click on the option Backup and Reset if you want to back up your data before resetting the device. Once the process of reset complete, then check to see if the Galaxy A8 Plus Internet Data Connectivity Issues has been resolved. If the problem is rectified then you can restore all the backed up data to your device.


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