Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch Won’t Charge or Power On

Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch is one of the top fitness and smartWatch in the market. It comes with a fresh new look, a bigger customizable screen, and optimal performance inside and out. However, recently several Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch owners are complaining about charging and power issues. As per users, either their Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watches won’t charge, or they won’t power on.

Steps to charge the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch:

However, if you are one of them, do not worry. Today in this article, we have brought a quick troubleshooting guideline that will resolve the current issue. For more information, make sure you stick till the end. Have a look:

Step 1: Verify you have the right charging dock:

While using different or unapproved chargers, your Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watches won’t charge. Like if you are using the charging dock for the original Galaxy Watch, your Samsung Galaxy Active 2 will not charge at all. Thus, make sure the charging dock you are using is designed specifically for your Watch’s model.


Make sure to use only Samsung-approved USB cables, wireless charging docks, and wall adapters precisely designed for your Watch’s model. 

Step 2: Set up the wireless charging dock:

Now connect the charging dock with an approved Samsung wall adapter. Use the dock that was included with your Watch only.

Step 3: Charge the Watch:

  • Now place the Watch on the appropriate charging dock. 


If you are using Wireless Charging Pad or Wireless Charging Duo Stand, place your Watch on a flat charging surface with its screen facing an upward direction.
  • Now let the Watch charge for at least an hour. (Press the power key once in case you do not see the Watch’s charging indicator appeared on display).
  • The charger’s LED will flash red, or the Watch screen will display a message if a charging error occurs. Here first, remove the Watch from the charger. After that, place it back on the center of the charging surface.
  • Disconnect the Watch from the charger and close any running apps if the Watch heats up during power on or charging. Before you connect it to charging again, wait until the Watch cools off.
  • Avoid using the Watch while charging as it will lead the battery to charge very slow. Also, some features in your Watch will remain unavailable.

STEP 4: Power on the Watch:

Once your Watch has charged for an hour or so, you can now remove it from the charging dock. Power it on by pressing the Power key.


Now that the Watch powers on, it needs to be charged; it is still not fully charged. Power off the Watch and reconnect to the charging dock.

These were the quick steps that will help you resolve the Samsung Galaxy Active 2 Watch won’t charge or power on issue.

However, if after performing the troubleshooting steps above, the Watch still fails to charge or power on, then both the Watch and charging dock require technical/ manual service. In such a case we would recommend you to visit the Samsung Support Center. 

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