Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tips and Tricks You Must Learn

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the fascinating Android smartphones out there, at least at the moment. Besides its beauty, Galaxy Note 10 flagship boasts excellent specs and some new features that make it the most attractive phone on the market. However, you can customize it and make it even better for you. In this article, you will learn some of the best Samsung Galaxy Note 10 tips and tricks.

You can use your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 using its default settings, but who wouldn’t like to personalize a smartphone to match his/her needs? With the following Samsung Galaxy Note 10 tips and tricks, you will not only customize your device in terms of visuals and functionality, but you’ll also improve its performance.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Tips and Tricks You Must Learn

Customize the Side Key

The new thing that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 brings is the Side Key, which is not the Bixby Button or the Power Button, by the way, but which can sport the functions of both those before-mentioned keys. The best thing is that we can entirely customize the Side Key. Both double-press and long-press functions of the Side Key can be set according to your preferences.

To customize the Side Key on Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you have to go to Settings -> Advanced settings -> Side Key and choose the options that you want to change. You can set the button to open a specific app, launch Bixby, or whatever you want.

Personalize Apps Edge Panel

Apps Edge panel is an excellent way to access all your favorite apps in just a few seconds. To do that, swipe from the left of the screen and the Apps Edge will reveal. The thing is that you can quickly remove apps from the panel, rearrange them, and add your favorite applications to that menu.

To personalize Apps Edge, draw the panel. Then, you can long-press on an icon and move it around the menu. Also, you can remove apps from the panel or add new apps by tapping on one of the blurred ‘plus’ icons on the bottom of the Apps Edge menu.

Connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to Windows 10

In case you want to see all your photos and notifications on your Windows 10 PC, as well as send and receive SMS on your computer, then the Link to Windows feature on your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 device is ideal for you. The process works thanks to Microsoft’s Your Phone app, so you must connect with your Microsoft account for everything to perform as expected.

Everything can be set up fast, the Galaxy Note 10 smartphone walking you through the most of the process. Once everything has been correctly done, you can connect Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to Windows 10 and send and receive SMS on your PC, access photos on your smartphone, as well as your notifications.

Turn On Video Enhancer

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 offers an excellent experience for watching videos and even movies. Even though the default settings and specs of the smartphone are enough for you to enjoy vids at a high quality, in case you want to improve that, Video Enhancer is there for you, enhancing videos’ appearance and brightness, making them look fabulous.


Well, you can manually turn on Video Enhancer by going to Settings -> Advanced Settings. However, the feature enables itself automatically whenever you play a video or movie on apps such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and so on.

Turn Handwriting into Text

While this feature might not look attractive to some users, for others it seems an excellent addition to the series of features implemented in this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 1o’s S-Pen. Here’s how to experiment with this feature:

  • Open Samsung Notes
  • Write some words
  • Select the words and double-tap on them
  • In the pop-up menu, select Convert
  • Save the note

Now, if you want, you can also convert that note into Word document or PDF.


Customize the Home Screen Layout

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 comes with a big display, so you can easily tweak your Home Screen as much as you want to place more icons on it or even less if you wish. You can select between 4×5, 4×6, 5×5, and 5×6 grids.

To do that, simply long-press on Home Screen and tweak it by choosing one of the before-mentioned grids, which suits your needs.

Hopefully, these Samsung Galaxy Note 10 tips and tricks helped you make your Note 10 experience better than before. Also, don’t forget that there are many other features and options you can choose from to personalize your device.

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