Common Samsung Galaxy On6 Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Life is truly a blend of favorable and unfavorable things. There is nothing wrong to say that technology has played a significant role in enabling us to keep up the pace against all the odds that comes in the life. One of the perfect instances of technology is the smartphones which we all use. Well, these days a lot of gadgets are simply available in the market and probably you might have no idea but the fact is there are models that are far beyond your imagination when it comes to trusting them. They are simply the best and have enabled users to perform their tasks in a very reliable manner. It is possible for the users to own them without paying a heavy price. The best part is manufacturers often take care of their customers and you can avail exciting offers as well when it comes to buying a smartphone. One of the latest additions in the market by Samsung is Galaxy On6. This post reflects useful information on the common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes.

Why you still buy this phone

Samsung has always provided simply the best to their esteemed customers. Buying any of their products is something that you can do with closed eyes. However, one thing which you should be clear about is the fact that the most of the smartphones have some common issues related to them. They can be experienced anytime and sometimes even in the new gadgets as well. This doesn’t mean you have reasons to worry. The fact is these issues are there just because not everyone uses a smartphone in a similar manner. Also, the Android technology and applications on the Play Store are becoming very vast. Due to compatibility and other reasons, these problems often declare their presence. The information regarding the common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes simply let you deal with the unfavorable situations simply.

Common Samsung Galaxy On 6 problems and fixes

All you have to make sure is to be familiar with the basic working principle of smartphone. Also, you should know the difference between the software and the hardware aspects. This will make it easy for you to go ahead with the information about common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes to get the favorable results.

Common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes

Problems can be avoided only when the user know the true meaning of patience. Also, in some cases you need to apply methods frequently one after another. However, we suggest you to not to anything with your own knowledge while dealing with a problem. Also, changing the methods mentioned in this post as per your own knowledge can bring outcomes that are not favorable and cannot be held responsible for the same.

Problems with earpiece

This problem in the smartphone is not always related to the phone itself but in most of the cases it’s due to failure or earpieces or the problems associated with them. You can try the methods listed below to avoid this solution in case it is present in the device.

  • Make sure to use the quality earpiece always with your phone
  • Check if the sounds drivers are working properly and doesn’t have any issue related to the same
  • A physical damage can be the reason if the problem is there
  • Disable the power saving mode simply
  • Check in case the sounds are disabled on the phone
  • The improper or loose connection can also be the reason to this issue

Connectivity issues

Smartphones these days are superior and can perform almost all the tasks that you can perform on a PC. However, the fact is, they often need to be connected with other gadgets for enabling them perform some important tasks that matters in day-to-day life. Therefore, the phone must perform the concerned tasks reliably and accurately. For this, you can go ahead with the below instructions to get the results in your favor.


Bluetooth connectivity issues (common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

  • Check if the Bluetooth is turned ON for the other device you are trying to connect
  • The Bluetooth cache memory is to be cleaned with time for smooth experience. Make sure you perform this time often
  • Clear the history of all the devices or the phones which you have connected with your phone recently. Some devices cannot accept new connections without erasing the previous list
  • There might be some security related restrictions on the phone while connected with other devices. Check and remove the same
  • Make sure you are not using a parallel app having access to Bluetooth at the same time
  • Check if the version of Bluetooth on both the devices is compatible to each other
  • The Bluetooth app has some important policies to be adopted/considered. Make sure you are following the same
  • Maybe the device has missing Bluetooth drivers
  • Check if there is a missing file in the OS
  • Check if the data you are sharing is free from virus else compatible with the other device
  • In one go, avoid transferring a very large number of files
  • Make sure you are following the recommended procedure for connecting in case this is the first time you are accepting a device to be connected through Bluetooth with your own
  • The power saving mode if disabled can give rise to Bluetooth problems in the phone
  • Make sure the version of Bluetooth is compatible with both the devices

Wi-Fi connectivity issues (common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

  • First of all, check if the problem can be solved upon restarting your device and the modem
  • Make sure you are within the area covered by the modem
  • If you are the administrator of the connection, check the overall number of devices connected with the modem. Disconnect a few and try again
  • Check if the authentication details are true. You might have changed your password recently and forget to update the same
  • The configuration errors such as wrong cable connections can also give rise to this problem
  • Check if the internet link is stable on the router or not
  • Make sure all the services are currently active on your connection
  • You might be using another app at the same time which is accessing the Wi-Fi. There are many such apps such as Share it. Close all of them and try again
  • Simply forget the connection. Now add it again and check if the problem is gone
  • The bandwidth allotted to you might have consumed already or you have exceeded daily limit. Check it out
  • Check and make sure the Local Area Network connection is not disabled
  • Try connecting another device with the Wi-Fi you are using. This will let you know whether the problem is in phone or in the modem
  • Call an expert after knowing the status of the problem.

Unexpected behavior of the apps

Applications you install on your phone have a major impact on its working, speed, as well as on other parameters. Therefore, the apps must perform well in all the aspects. However, certain factors are there which don’t let them maintain their functionality. Thus, if there are issues you are facing, the below methods can easily help you to avoid various issues in no time.

  • The very first thing is to check and update all the apps which are pending for a long time
  • The UI of every app is different and is regulated by some user policies. You must make sure to follow the same while accessing any app
  • Make sure to install the apps only in the default memory of the phone
  • Always prefer Play Store and other trusted platform for installing new apps in the phone
  • Make sure not to change the settings of the apps to the custom. You can face the issue due to very same reason.

Fast Battery Draining & slow charging

The battery backup of a smartphone is something that largely matters. In case it gets empty in a very short span of time, the users have one of the major reasons to neglect the smartphone. Although manufacturers pay very close attention to ensure enough battery backup and quick charging, sometimes both these factors are impacted by things which are beyond the imagination of users. If this is the case with you, the following are some reliable methods to help you get the favorable results.

  • First of all check if you have installed a very large number of applications in the phone and they are running in the background
  • Restart your phone wisely
  • Make sure the power bank, the charging cable, charging adapter and the socket you are in a proper working condition
  • In you remember the last app you install in the phone, uninstall it and restart your phone. Check the status of the problem now
  • If a new version is available for the OS, switch to the same
  • Make sure the data in the phone is not affected by any virus
  • Turn OFF the Wi-Fi hot spot in case the same is turned ON
  • Avoid using any other charging than the one you get in the box when it comes to charging your phone
  • Perform a hard reset
  • Get the device checked properly in case the problem is still there

Overheating problems (common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

Well, most people think it’s the local weather due to which smartphone releases excess heat. I would like to make it very clear that this is not the true case. The problem can be there due to many other reasons and even in some cases a minor hardware or a software issue can also be there in the phone. If you are facing this problem in this Samsung device, you can follow the below instructions.

  • There might be issue with the ventilation. Check it out
  • Remove the back cover from the phone and simply restart it. This will probably solve your concern
  • Check and make sure if the problem is there just because you haven’t updated any of the apps in the phone
  • The other reason for this problem is features which are turned ON without any issue
  • Don’t connect multiple devices with the Wi-Fi hotspot of your phone
  • Check if there is a pending update for the OS
  • Avoid downloading multiple files at the same time
  • Always check and make sure the power bank (in case you use it) match the power specifications on your phone
  • Make sure to not to play complex games on the phone for long hours
  • Check if the problem can be resolved by a simple restart. Perform hard reset else after storing the data in the phone

Unresponsive Touchscreen (common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

You probably don’t want your phone to be unresponsive when you want to perform some important tasks. However, this can happen in case the screen fails to perform its task. At a first glance is seems a hardware issue with the screen but the fact is the software part can also largely impact the same. You can go ahead with the following instructions to avoid this problem.

  • There might be a lot of oil. Dust or grease layers deposited on the screen. Check and clean the same
  • Check if the version of OS installed on the device is outdated
  • Take home in safe mode and check if the things are working perfectly
  • In case the problem is not solved completely, make sure to update the apps that are too old
  • Remove the ones which are not used for a long time
  • Erase some data from the phone memory
  • Make sure your hands are properly clean
  • Open Screen settings and check if the mirroring/sharing option is disabled
  • The screen might have a physical damage on it

SIM related problems(common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

The SIM cards are inserted in the phones to make them alive in true sense. Probably without having the same, a phone is just another piece of brick. Sometimes even a minor issue in it doesn’t let the phone detect it and also, there are other problems which are faced by the users. Go ahead with the below instructions simply to get the things in your favor.

  • Check if there is a physical damage on the SIM card
  • Restart your phone simply
  • Make sure the SIM card is inserted properly in the phone and is in working position actually
  • Open network settings and select your home network manually. Choose to register on the same
  • Make sure that power saving mode is disabled
  • You might be in an area not covered by the network provider
  • Check if the SIM card has been blocked due to security or other reason
  • Check if there is a physical damage on the SIM slot
  • The Airplane mode might be enabled on the phone
  • Get the card replaced if other methods wouldn’t work

Doesn’t recognize Windows 10 (common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

Windows is a pretty common Operating System for the personal computers and because of its salient features; most people prefer to use a Windows PC. Thus smartphones are required to be connected with them more often. In case you are having a trouble during the same, the following are the methods to let you keep up the pace simply.

  • Check if the phone USB drivers are installed properly
  • The connecting cable might not be in proper working condition
  • The problem could be due to errors and bugs in the Windows. Check and make sure its copy is genuine
  • Restart the phone and make sure to select the MTP mode on the it
  • Remove the restrictions which are imposed on either of the device due to security and other parameters
  • Always use a parallel port in case one doesn’t work

Bad camera quality/Blurry images

Well, everyone smartphone wants to be a good photographer in the current time but fortunately not everyone knows how to capture quality images easily and reliably. Although it seems to be an easy job, getting quality images is not easy always. There are certain factors that can have an impact on the camera quality. To boost the same in case it is low, following instructions are there which you can go ahead easily.

  • Always use the appropriate shooting mode for capturing the snaps. The same can be selected from the camera settings
  • Make sure of camera flashlight if the lights are low
  • Focus on the object before capturing the snap
  • Select the HD mode in the camera settings
  • Prefer default camera app for getting the desired quality
  • Make sure to clean the lens of the camera gently and properly
  • Check if the transparent glass that comes pre-installed on new devices is still there on the phone.

Performance issues (common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

Smartphones can be trusted to perform a lot of tasks simply. However, it is not always necessary that all the tasks can be performed at the same speed and time. The nature of different tasks is different. The gadgets that can perform the complex tasks within a short span of time are said to be true performer. The fact is not every gadget is good enough to do the same. In case you think your gadgets takes a lot of time even to respond to some basic tasks, the below methods can help you to improve its performance upto good extent.

  • The very first thing which you need to do is to restart the phone
  • Update all the pending apps immediately
  • Clear the cache memory of the phone. Also check if you have completely filled the device default memory
  • Make sure not to use the phone while it is charging or while downloading the data
  • Update the OS if a new patch or a new version of the same is available
  • Don’t install applications beyond a defined limit
  • Simply perform a hard reset

Memory/SD problems (common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes)

Quality always matters when it comes to dealing with data. You might have no idea but the fact is it is possible to extend the storage capacity of a smartphone through an SD card easily. You just need to go ahead with a quality product for this. If you fail to keep up the pace or the device doesn’t respond at all, the blow instructions are there to help you get the results in no time.

  • Remove the SD card from the phone and restart it
  • Insert the SD card again and check if things are under your control
  • Format the SD card. This will erase the malicious file, suspected data or a virus that might be causing this issue
  • Check if the SD card is compatible with the phone
  • You might have filled the SD card completely
  • Check and make sure if the card is facing the problem just because it was not ejected properly the last time from the phone
  • Make sure that the SD card you have is free from manufacturing and other defects
  • Try using the card on another device to check whether it is in working mode or not

That’s all about the common Samsung Galaxy On6 problems and fixes. You can grab the more information by making a comment in the below section. Keep visiting our website for similar pots and latest information on Android.


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