Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ live crystal clear images leaked out

The past few weeks have made the people go crazy as the Samsung Galaxy most awaited line-up has made it to the limelight. Well, to say a few weeks back is wrong as its been quite a while since they have been giving us peekaboo glimpses in the form of computer generated images, but yes the real look has been leaked out now and finally the Galaxy S10 and S10+ are available for the public’s views and indulge in the creativity.

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ live crystal clear images leaked out


And, the latest or rather first real-world depiction of the new flagship devices from Samsung is brought to you by none other than German blog AllAboutSamsung. They have posted live images of the prototype devices of both Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+.

The ‘Infinity Display’ is awesome and those who have been following the news need not be told, but of course, there are some who don’t or don’t have the time, so for those people, it’s an important part to be notified about. Anyways, back to the display, the infinity display comes with screen cutouts on the single front-facing camera for the S10 and with a dual selfie setup for the S10+ model.

The large circle and horizontal capsule holes are placed in the top right corner of the two ultra-high-end devices rather than the on the top left like in the Galaxy A8 for the Hole Punch camera giving an enhanced look.


Though there is not much information on the specs, even on the rear facing image sensors, a nice thing to see (not surprising in any way, after all, it is Samsung we are talking about) is the sharp triple lens arrangements on both the high end devices. If you remember, the Galaxy S9 had a single rear shooter while the S9+ supported double down photographic equipment, but this time both devices have same lens arrangements. Of course, there still will be a Lite and E version coming soon that will have S downgraded dual rear snapper.

The top bezels have been eliminated due to the drilled holes in the S10 and S10+ screens, but a small chin still there that is making the devices look thicker than they should or as the renders made us believe Samsung is going to release thin devices.


Apart from this, its basically what all leaders in their blogs have been saying. If you remember most said to wait for a sleek giant, tons of screen real estate line-up, cleaner glass back covers and yes, headphones jacks as well.

As for some specs that we know are the S10+ will run on a 4100mAH battery, that’s quite high from the 3500mAh battery offered in the Samsung Galaxy S9. As for the colors, its clear in the images they are ceramic white and ceramic black, and they do look cool. Yes, rumors are in that S10 models will come in color variations but for now, its a rumor and in images specs really can’t be seen so for now, we can only indulge in the looks.

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