How to Play Sazan in Crucible: Abilities and Upgrades

The 12-player, class-based free-to-play third-person shooting game from Amazon Game Studio, Crucible, was released this week on the 20th of May. It has already been receiving mostly positive reviews for its incredible graphics and creative style of gameplay that encourages every player to try their hands in these proceedings freely. These further contribute to helping their own team win the missions. Moreover, there are a total of ten different playable characters available in the game. Obviously, every serious player needs to properly understand their strengths and weaknesses effectively, in order to make the best use of them. Our today’s guide will feature Sazan along with her abilities and upgrades.

One of the most exciting characters in Crucible is Sazan. A former Utility soldier with extraordinary first-hand experience with weapons and tools, she is no stranger to the demands of lethal combat. Afflicted with PTSD following a seemingly nondescript mission going sideways, she suffered amnesia and was haunted for long by nightmares. Her goal is to find out more about that fateful day, and what made things go so wrong. Wielding an electro-knife, an inertia gun, and a shotgun, she can make even hardened opponents flee for their lives. Let’s take a look at this impressive character and her abilities in the scintillating world of Crucible.

How to play Sazan in Crucible: Abilities and Upgrades

How to Play Sazan in Crucible: Abilities and Upgrades

Now we will discuss the abilities and upgrades of Sazan in the game along with some tips and tricks that will help you unlock her full potential.


Sazan possesses three primary weapons, which only reload when they aren’t being fired. You need to learn how to swap between them in order to use her abilities.

  • Guerilla Warfare (Passive): This allows Sazan to move faster when crouching, using medkits, or operating in detect mode.
  • Equip Inertia Gun (Q): When you will use this, Sazan will switch to her Inertia gun and refill her weapon energy. Every hit will also hinder your enemy’s speed.
  • Equip Shotgun (E): When you use this, Sazan will switch to her Shotgun and replenish her weapon energy.
  • Equip Electro-knife (RMB): When you will use this, Sazan will switch to her electro-knife and again refrain her weapon energy. However, it can be used only once per cooldown.
  • Jet-Dash (Shift): Use this to make a powerful dash in your current direction of movement. It has a cooldown period of 3 seconds.

Essence Upgrades

Level One

  • Swapping weapons restores 20 units of health.
  • She can detect targets in the vicinity using her Electro-knife.
  • She can get into a cloak for 5 seconds when healing or finishing an interaction.

Level Two

All of her three weapons will receive a passive ability.

  • Electro-knife will receive a cloak.
  • Inertia Gun will receive 150 shields.
  • Shotgun will receive enhanced speed.

Level Three

  • The Shotgun will gain greater accuracy and blow its targets backward.
  • Changing weapons will grant a 6 percent boost to damage for 10 seconds.
  • Jet-Dash will cause 60 units of damage, with an additional 60 damage as time progresses.

Level Four

  • Sazan’s dashes are increased to two.

Level Five

  • The Inertia Gun will be able to disorient enemy abilities for half a second.
  • The Electro-knife will game a damage boost of 33 percent, while other weapons will gain 33 percent more ammunition.

Additional Tips

  • It isn’t possible to repeatedly swap between the three weapons wielded by Sazan since each of them has a cooldown period of its own. Keep this in mind when entering the fray.
  • Sazan’s agility and Jet-Dash ability can help you get her out of close calls and heal her. Use this to your advantage.

That’s it. We hope you have a wonderful experience stepping into the shoes of the valiant Sazan in Crucible. Further, if you liked this guide, then you will surely love to read our best iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksGames and Android Tips and Tricks. You can also subscribe to our very own YouTube Channel and participate in the $150 giveaway contest. However, if you have any doubts or feedback, do comment down below with your name and e-mail ID. Thank you!

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