How to Send Instagram DMs from Computer Running on Windows or macOS

Instagram is one of the useful social media apps that has much more use than just upload pictures. You can network with people and connect using its messaging feature. It is known as the Instagram DMs which means direct message. As the name suggests you can send a direct message to anyone you follow or someone who follows you. Also, it depends on a receiver’s setting whether they have enabled messaging from everyone or just the ones who are their connections. Now, the Instagram DMs are only available on the smartphone app version.

Of course, there is a desktop version of Instagram that is mostly for viewing purposes. In the PC version, you cannot send any direct message. Also, if you may have noticed, there is no provision to add Insta stories. Heck, you cannot even upload any photos from the PC version of Instagram. However, there is a little trick that can enable Instagram DMs on the computer.

Now, that I have your attention, I will tell you that activating the direct message feature is possible on any computer. That means it doesn’t matter whether your system is running on the macOS or the Windows OS. So, let’ dive into the guide to know how to accomplish this.

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Send Instagram DMs from Computer Running on Windows or macOS

It’s quite a simple trick that allows you to enable the messaging feature on the computer. First, let’s check out how to do it on a PC running on the Windows OS.

Talking of Windows OS, I must mention that the PC must be running on the Chrome browser.

Enable Instagram DMs on a Chrome Browser [Windows]

  • Go to the Chrome Browser
  • Open Instagram dot com
  • On the home screen right-click anywhere> from the drop-down select Inspect
  • An HTML code filled screen will now pop-up
  • In it, look for an icon that resembles a smartphone. It is called Toggle Device Toolbar. Click on it
  • Now on the screen, you should see something that says Responsive.
    Send Instagram DMs from computer
  • Now simply refresh the page [hit the reload this page button on the browser]
  • Next, close the HTML code section. There should be an X button. Click on it to close.
  • Now, you can see Instagram Homepage has a DM Button. Also, it has an option to add images.
    Send Instagram DMs and Upload Photos from a PC
  • The home screen now looks similar to the one you see on the App version.

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Enable Instagram Direct Message on a Safari Browser [macOS]

  • Go to the Safari browser and open Instagram
  • Make sure that you are logged in to your profile
  • Click on Safari > Preferences > Advanced
  • In the Advanced section at the bottom of the prompt, there should be a checkbox for the option Show Develop Menu in the Menu bar.
  • Now in the menu bar, a new option will be available. It is called Develop.
  • Click on Develop > then User Agent > select Safari -iOS(build)-iPhone 
  • That’s it. Now the Instagram on macOS will replicate the interface of the iPhone app version.

This means you get the Instagram DMs feature right on your Apple computer.

So, now you know how to send Instagram DMs from any PC irrespective of whether it’s running on macOS or the Windows OS. Go try it out and let us know your experience.


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