How to Set An Alarm Clock on LG V30

It is quite true that we all have to follow a schedule which is not always necessary to be same for us all. An alarm clock in the smartphone is always a helpful feature for those who save every second of their life. If you are using LG V30, there is nothing to worry as it comes with an alarm clock feature by default. In fact, every smartphone has same to help users stay conscious with their time keeping records. Continue reading this post to know how to set an alarm clock on LG V30.

Everyone knows that an alarm clock is useful in reminding us about the important tasks we have to perform on regular basis. In addition to this, a lot of people use the same for waking on time during the morning. It is possible to set alarm clock on LG V30 simply and in fact, without doing much. You can even use the snooze feature if you think first alarm wouldn’t be just sufficient for you. To know how to keep up the pace in this matter, pay attention to the following instructions.

How to Set An Alarm Clock on LG V30

For managing alarms

First of all open the home screen and tap on the clock app. Next is to tap on Create option. After this, go with the below options for the settings you need to have.

  • Time: Tap the up/down arrows to set the time when you want the alarm to be turn ON for you
  • Tap AM/PM to choose exact time of the day.
  • Alarm repeat: Tap on the days you want to repeat the alarm you set. Tick the Repeat weekly box to repeat the alarm weekly on the selected days.
  • Alarm type: Change the way the alarm sounds when triggered you have options to choose from Sound, Vibration, or Vibration and sound
  • Alarm tone: Change the audio file that will be played when the alarm is triggered.
  • Alarm volume: simply drag the slider to change the volume of the alarm.
  • Snooze: Tap to turn ON or OFF the snooze feature. Tap Snooze to change the snooze settings, and assign an INTERVAL

For deleting alarms

Simply open the alarm menu on your LG V30 and press and hold the time you want to remove. You can then choose the delete option that appears on the screen. It is also possible for you to turn it OFF temporarily.

Using the Snooze feature

You will see a yellow color “ZZ” sign when you open the alarm option on your LG V30. This is actually the snooze feature. Simply press it and set the time. The alarm will repeat after the assigned time after this. so this is how you can set an alarm clock on LG V30


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