How to setup the Apple watch with the new iPhone X

The popularity of smartphones has led the popularity of many other gadgets related to it. When the first one to be popular where the handsfree devices, now things are going on a different level. Watches where one time one of the most common gadgets seen on everyone’s hand. There was a time when watchmakers are considered as scientists. The popularity of smartphones slowly decreased the usage of wrist watches a lot. But after few years wrist watches are coming back, but now as a mean to make smartphone usage easier. The new watches are entirely different and are smart like the phones. Many manufacturers came out with their own watches and Apple, of course, does the same. Learn How to setup the Apple watch with the new iPhone X from this article.

Apple watch is the new gadget available for iPhone from the house of Apple. The gadget looks cool and beautiful in hand and the added features are cool too. You can pair up the Apple watch with iPhone 5s and all models came out after that. The use of this watch can highly increase the usability of iPhone and can also help some features within iPhone like the health app. If you own one and confused how to setup it with the iPhone X, here is an article to help you.

How to setup the Apple watch with the new iPhone X

Steps to setup the Apple watch with the new iPhone X

Apple is a company who always made things simple and easy for its users, made the setup of the Apple watch with the new iPhone X easy too. You don’t have to really go through a long process of entering details or waiting for a connection. The steps are easy and can be done by anyone. The steps you should follow are given below, please follow.

Step1: switch on your Apple watch

As everyone should probably know switching on the gadget is the basic step. There will be a button on the side of your watch. Press and hold this button to power on your Apple watch. Once you see the Apple logo release the power button.

Step2: keep your watch and iPhone closer

You should keep your watch and iPhone close together until iPhone detects the watch and a setup screen appears. If this doesn’t happen automatically make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone X. You can easily do this by bringing up the control center by swiping up.


Step3: hold your watch to the iPhone camera

Now camera will open on your iPhone and you will have to hold the watch to the camera. There will be a viewfinder seen on your iPhone, make sure the watch is held to be inside that. If there is a problem with using the camera you can select, the pair manually options which can be seen on the screen.

Step 4: sign in, choose your settings and enter a passcode

Now you can sign in by using your Apple credentials when prompted. Now you will be asked to select settings and create a passcode for your Apple watch.

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to setup the Apple watch with the new iPhone X. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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