How to do SIM unlocking on iPhone X

iPhones are well known for their higher price tag which always tops the market. Apple again did it with the iPhone X, the costliest iPhone yet. Doesn’t matter how high the cost goes for an iPhone, there are always buyers for it from the first day at shops worldwide. At the same time, many network operators come up with offers for every new model of the iPhone attracting many uses. The network providers do kept many offers for the new iPhone x, but all these devices will be SIM locked. If you own such an iPhone X and want to unlock it, here is how to do SIM unlocking on iPhone X guide just for you.

Many people tend to go behind network provider’s offer for the new iPhones never caring about the SIM lock. On a SIM locked device you can never use any other SIM and if you use the device won’t work. The iPhone X will be locked to be worked on any other SIM even if it is from the same provider. The real problem with such a setup happens when you want to change your number for any reason, like a foreign trip. Getting a brand-new phone whenever you want to fly to other countries is not a practical thing to do.

How to do SIM unlocking on iPhone X

Ways to do SIM unlocking on iPhone X

People with a SIM locked phones at some point will come across a problem where they can’t actually use their phones. Many people on a rush will go spend more money on a brand new device. This is not needed and you can actually do SIM unlocking on your iPhone X. there are illegal ways to do it for free which are not recommended as it will damage your iPhone and you can never use it again. You will have to spend a small amount and do a SIM unlocking on iPhone X in two ways and here is how it is

Contact your network carrier

Apple does not have any option to unlock a SIM-locked iPhone by the company. You will have to contact your network carrier to do this. You can simply contact your network carrier to do your SIM unlocking. There might be some requirements like identity proofs and a fee to do your unlocking which varies without the carrier. Once all the requirements are met you will be provided with unlocked notification within few days. Once you get the unlock notification you can follow simple steps to do the unlocking yourself, which are:

  1. Power off your device
  2. Remove the default SIM card and insert the new one
  3. Setup the device again

Contact third-party unlocking service

There are third-party service providers for iPhone X unlocking. The process is same as what you did with your network carrier. There are many of this available online and you can choose one and send a request. They might also have some requirement including a fee and you will have to provide the IMEI number of your device. Once done you will get an unlocking code within few days. You can use this unlock code and unlock your iPhone X. the steps to do SIM unlocking on iPhone X using the unlock code are:

  1. Power off your device
  2. Remove the default SIM card and insert the new one
  3. Enter the unlock code when prompted
  4. Setup the device again

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to do SIM unlocking on iPhone X. If any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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