How to Fix Slow Houseparty App Issues

In this tutorial, we will show you how to fix the Slow Houseparty app issues. It has been around four years since the app has landed his foot over to the Play Store, but recently there has been quite a spike in its usage. During the lockdown phase, many people have started using this app as of late. While it has received mixed reviews as of now, but never the less, it’s a pretty handy app for making group video calls.

However, issues began to creep in when you start facing lags in audio or if there are considerable frame-drops during the video call. Well, this is something that ruins the entire moment. Sometimes, it might not be limited to just a single video call, but might happen every time you try calling your near and dear ones. In those cases, you could take the help of the below fixes to rectify the slow Houseparty app issues.

houseparty fix slow app

How to Fix Slow Houseparty App Issues

There could be many reasons why the app is slow to respond or isn’t working as expected. Let’s check out all the plausible cause for the same and their associated fixes as well.

Check Internet Connectivity

Any online app requires a strong and continuous internet connection. And Houseparty is no different. If there’s occasional drops in your internet or the speed isn’t up to the mark, then issues are bound to happen. So go ahead and see whether everything’s fine with the internet. If there’s something wrong, try changing the network, for example, switch over to the data pack from WiFi or vice versa.

Close Background Apps

close app houseparty fix

If you have many apps opened in the background, then it will slow down your device. And if your device slows down, then so will the apps that you are trying to run. Therefore, go ahead and check out the Recent Apps section and close all the apps that aren’t quite as important as of now. Once done, launch the Houseparty app and see if the slow app issue has been fixed or not. If you are still facing issues, then head over to the next tip.

Force Stop Houseparty

force stop houseparty fix

Sometimes, a simple swipe up from the Recent Apps screen might not be enough to close down an app. In those cases, you might have to take the force close route. By doing so, you are making sure that the app completely comes to a halt. The next time you launch the app, it might be all well and good.

So go to the Settings menu on your device and tap on Apps and Notifications. Next up, tap on App Info and look out for the Houseparty app. Finally, tap on Force Stop. Once that is done, wait for a few moments before launching the app. Now open the Houseparty app and check if the slow issues have been fixed or not.

Clear Cache of Houseparty

clear cache houseparty

A cache is temporary data that gets stored over time. This not only ends u taking a considerable amount of storage space but could altogether slow down the app. So it is always recommended to clear the app’s cache from time to time. To do so, head over to Settings and tap on Apps and Notifications.

Then go to App Info and search for Houseparty. Within that, tap on Storage and Cache and then tap on Clear Cache. The process usually takes a few seconds to complete, and once it is done, launch the app and check if the slow Houseparty app issues are there or not.

Update the Houseparty App

[googleplay url=””]

Whenever there’s a new update for any app, consider it applying it right away. This is because, with each new update, there are some bugs fixes and stability improvements too. Likewise, if you are using an outdated version of the Houseparty app, then you might face one or two issues, with the slowing down of the app being the most common ones. With that said, head over to the above Play Store link and update your app to the latest version. However, if you are already running the latest version but still facing the slow Houseparty app issues, follow the next method.

Clear App Data


clear data houseparty fix

If you are using the app for a long time, then a lot of data might have been accrued. It isn’t much of an issue if your device has plenty of storage space and RAM. However, for the lower end device, these data might slow down the app and in some cases, the device as well.

So if these data aren’t of much usage for you to consider deleting them and clearing up some space from your device. To do so, go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > App Info > Houseparty > Storage and Cache > Clear Data (or Storage). Once that is done, launch the app login with your credentials and check whether the slow Houseparty app issues have been fixed or not.

Reinstall the Houseparty App

uninstall houseparty

If updating the app, clearing its cache and even the data didn’t manage to correct this issue, then a fresh and clean install could help you out. But before doing so you will first have to uninstall the app. For that, you could either long-press the Homeparty app and select the Uninstall option (if your device supports this feature). Or you could also do the same from the Settings > Apps and Notifications > App Info > Houseparty > Uninstall option. Once the app has been removed from your device, head over to the Play Store and search for Houseparty. You could also directly download it from the below link as well.

[googleplay url=””]


With this, we conclude the guide on how to fix the Houseparty slow down issues. We have furthermore shared around seven fixes for the same. Do let us know which one of the above methods or methods managed to rectify the issue in your case. Likewise, don’t forget to check out our guides on iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick.

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