A Guide to Solve Huawei P10 Widgets Disappearing After Update

Updating a smartphone with the latest OS and apps is extremely important in the present scenario. It actually cut down the probability of risks and attacks on the device that often create security concerns. However, updating a device sometimes create some basic or complex issues related to features and functionality. This is mainly due to bugs in the new OS that often went unnoticed by developers or due to other reasons. A lot of users of Huawei’s latest smartphone i.e. P10 have reported disappearing of apps after an update. In this post, I will provide some useful information on this matter to help you solve Huawei P10 widgets disappearing after an update.

A Guide to Solve Huawei P10 Widgets Disappearing After Update

Many users have reported that they no longer see the applications such as Twitter and Facebook on their Huawei P10 after downloading an installing an update. In this you have also experienced such an issue, some useful information is spotlighted in below paragraphs to help you get them back. It must be noted that no default apps such as Chrome, Gmail have been reported disappearing after the update so far.

Method 1

Before proceeding with anything, it is always better to check whether you have installed apps on your SD card than phone’s memory. Actually, during an update, Android blocks all the apps that are available on third-party storage such as SD card. However, this issue can simply be eliminated by transferring them from SD card to phone memory. Before you actually go with it, make sure your device has enough memory for the same, post which you can follow the below steps to transfer the apps.

  • Turn ON your smartphone and Go to Settings.
  • Press on “Apps”.
  • Select the app that doesn’t display after you update your device.
  • Then click “Storage”.
  • After this, press on “Change”
  • Then change the storage option from “SD card” to  “Internal storage”.

The same instructions can be followed for all other apps that no longer declare their presence after updating your device.

 Method 2

Sometimes the issues with the data on home Screen can also be the reason for disappearing of apps. Clearing or resetting the Home Screen info can solve this issue and the chances to get the desired results are pretty good. Following steps helps you to restore your Home Screen icons to their default settings.

  • First of all turn ON your Huawei P10 and click on “Settings”.
  • Then simply click “Apps” or “Applications “(In case there is an option of “Manage applications “, select it)
  • On the top right-hand corner, tap on “More”.
  • Next is to click on “Show system “
  • Browse for either “TouchWiz “, “Launcher” or any other option that relates to the Home screen (This option varies depending on the type of the device you are using).
  • After this, click on “Storage and then tap on “Clear Data “.
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This will set your Home Screen icons to their defaults settings and probably you can see the disappeared apps again on the Home Screen page. This is how you can fix this problem simply.

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