How to solve slow charging issue on iPhone 7

With high processing speed and great graphics had made the battery life of modern smartphones less. Although smartphone manufacturer retries to inbuilt high capacity batteries on their devices battery life is still the biggest problem faced by many smartphone users. The incoming of power banks itself shows how serious battery life problems affected smartphone users. iPhone is one of the most powerful smartphones in the market and does face battery issue to a large extent. Here is a guide which will help you solve slow charging issue on iPhone 7.

How to solve slow charging issue on iPhone 7

Reasons and ways to solve slow charging issue on iPhone 7

The reasons for the slow charging issue on iPhone 7 are various. The solution can also be different. The chances of a hardware failure and software issue causing this problem are almost the same. The most common reasons found causing slow charging are:

  1. Problem with the charging cable
  2. Problem with the charging port
  3. Problem due to third-party apps
  4. Problem with system firmware issue

Below are the steps to solve slow charging issue on iPhone 7 for each different reason causing it

Problem with charging cable

On regular usage, charging cables do get faults and is a common problem seen in all smartphones. For a big percentage of charging problems seen in iPhone the main reason was found to be with the charging cable. The solution to this is nothing but changing the charging cable used. It is recommended to use only the original cable manufactured by Apple.

Problem with the charging port

The chances of issues causing a problem with the charging port are also high. It might not be always a failure to the charging port. If it is a failure on the charging port then the only solution is contacting the apple care. But before that gently cleaning the charging port is a recommended step to do. Dust can cause a serious issue with the port which can be solved by simply cleaning it.


Problem due to third-party apps

Third party apps can be the culprit behind battery issue of iPhone 7. The way to find out if it is a third-party app causing the issue is the safe mode. When running in safe mode only default apps will be working on the iPhone 7. You switch to safe mode and check if the problem is solved. If solved you can confirm the problem to be because of a third-party app. The steps to switch on safe mode are:

  1. Hold the power and home button until the screen goes black on iPhone 7
  2. Once the black screen appears to release the home button but keep on holding power button
  3. Once the apple logo occurs, hold the volume up button
  4. Now the device will load in safe mode

Problem due to system firmware issues

If none of the above works it might probably be a firmware issue causing the problem. To solve this resetting the device can be a solution. The steps to reset iPhone 7 are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on ‘general’ option
  3. Tap on ‘reset’ option
  4. Tap on ‘reset all settings’ and confirm it

I hope this guide was useful in understanding solve slow charging issue on iPhone 7. If any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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