How to Solve the Slow Internet Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

One of the most common sayings is Internet is the heart of any smartphone in the current time. It is quite true and we all know without internet even the most expensive and stylish devices such as Galaxy Note 8 are nothing but a piece of stone. Thus, it is necessary that your device should be free from any sort of issues related to the internet connectivity. However, there are certain chances that even after paying a lot of attention, things often go wrong. In this post, I will introduce you to some useful information on how to solve the slow internet problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Having a slow internet on the phone often loads our mind with anger and we all know that it’s a very bad phase and experience. In case you are facing this issue with your device, there are a few things you can consider to keep up the pace. So here is the guide to help you.

Before doing anything else, I would like to suggest you check the default internet speed provided by the network provider on your SIM. It must be noted that most network providers come with data packs that have a daily/weekly/monthly limit on bandwidth consumption post which the speed get reduced. Make sure you haven’t crossed the same. There are a few reasons due to which Samsung Galaxy Note 8 fails to provide desired internet speed and they are listed below.

Signal Strength

  • Poor strength of the signal.
  • The browser is outdated.
  • Active apps in the background.
  • Outdated firmware on Galaxy Note 8.
  • Website you are opening already has huge volume of traffic
  • Network is already too busy
  • Problem with Wi-Fi Antenna

There are certain chances that the problem could be due to any of these problems. In case you have checked them all one by one and problem is still there, next thing which you need to do is to simply wipe the Cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. There is no need for you to worry about anything as your data will remain safe. This is actually the best method to proceed with during such a situation. The instructions for this are as follows

Steps to Solve the Slow Internet Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

  • Turn Off your devicepower off
  • Press and hold the Power and Volume Down together till the device restarts.
  • Use Volume buttons to go to the menu and locate Recovery mode.
  • You can use the Power button to select Recovery mode.
  • Immediately press and hold down the Power button when the Android Logo appears.Samsung Recovery
  • Use Volume keys in the Recovery menu and highlight Wipe Cache partition.
  • You are done.

In case of the problem still remains present in your Galaxy Note 8, the only method that can help you is to take your device to a technical support center authorized by Samsung. If you don’t mind, you can try a hard reset before you proceed with it. However, it must be noted that it will delete all the device data. If the problem still remains then you can flash the latest firmware on Galaxy Note 8.


I hope this guide will be helpful to Solve the Slow Internet Problem on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


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