Sony PS5 Update brings support for DualSense Edge Wireless Controller Along With Performance Improvements

Sony has just released the latest firmware update for the PS5, the update brings some exclusive upgrades for your PS5. “Play has no limits” as the motto says, now the play is even much more customizable, post updating your PS5.

PlayStation 5 clearly rocked the globe when it first came out, with a lightning-fast SSD, AMD CPU, and dual-sense controller. The console uses an ultra-fast SSD, which forced many game developers to redesign the game code just so it can run seamlessly on the ultra-fast SSD.

PlayStation 5 is the latest edition of the PS console family, and it does offer the latest features such as 4K gaming at 120FPS, hardware accelerated ray-tracing technology, and the Temptest 3D audio effects of course. Sony had previously released the PS5 DualSense edge back in 2022. This year the handle will be available starting 26th January.

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The latest firmware update guarantees performance improvement and the support for DualSense Edge. All you need to do is turn on your console, and update it right away, the update is smaller than 1GB so it should not take up a lot of time. Once you’ve updated, your console will have better performance along with the DualSense 5 Edge controller support.

What’s New in DualSense Edge 5 Wireless Controller?

Well, the DualSense edge 5 is the first of its kind of controller that will allow full customization of your gameplay. You will be able to configure your stick sensitivity, stick dead zones, and trigger dead zones for tuned inputs. You can even set your vibration intensity as per your wish.

With the DualSense Edge 5 controller, you can now customize the control layout of your favorite games so the commands you need are always exactly where you want them to be. Alternatively, you can save your button configurations and save it to your player profile and quickly switch between them whenever required. Now, how cool is that!

To change your settings in the controller, simply press the Fn button and the options button while in the game to change your settings. Craft your own gaming experience, and play it your own way.

Restart The System Software Download on the PS5 console.

Click the PS key on the controller to move to the control center.

Select the download/upload option.


Select the system software update, and try updating it.

If your update fails, then you can follow the below-mentioned manual update method.

How to update your PS5 Manually?

If you find out that your PS5 system software upgrade is blocked, then simply restart the upgrade process. If it still fails to update, then follow the steps for the manual update process mentioned below.

Download the Upgrade file to a USB Disk.

First, format the USB and make sure the USB is in fat32 format.

Create a folder named PS5, then create another folder inside it named UPDATE.

Once you download the update file, save it in the UPDATE folder naming it “PS5UPDATE.PUP”

Now Plug the USB into your console.

Turn on the PS5 console in safe mode, you can press and hold the power button, and release it after hearing the second beep.

In the safe mode menu, select the “Upgrade System Software” option. Then select upgrade from USB storage.


  1. I only Play my game Asphalt 9 on Android platform
    normaly with a DualSense Controller
    Now i bought the New DualSense Edge ,,, and nothing works , all buttons are mapped wrong and no way to fix it
    That is so disappointing

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