How to Install Specific Updates from MacOS Software Update

It is necessary and important to get the software of your device updated regularly. Ther are so many updates related to security, firmware, and related to applications you use. Sometimes when you check for the update for your macOS, then it will show you numbers of updates available. It may be related to a security update, firmware update, application updates, or macOS supplemental updates. All the updates might not be useful, or you want to update a particular one.

Through this article, you will get to know regarding selectively install the update from on Mac with macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS Catalina 10.15, and onwards where it is delivered through system preference panel.

How to Install Specific Updates from MacOS Software Update

How to Install Specific Updates from macOS Software Update

Let’s go through the below steps to install selective updates only.

  1. Go to Apple Menu in your Mac. Select “System Preference” and click on “Software Update” tab
  2. You will see the pop-up menu which shows the available software updates
  3. Click on a little blue color text written as “More info…”
  4. Out of various updates check on updates which you want to install
  5. Click on “Install Now” button and let the system update it as usual

How to Install Specific Updates from MacOS Software Update

When you install the complete available updates, it will ask you to reboot the system. Some of the updates are installed recently, and again it asks you to update so it won’t be necessary to update temporarily. Any application update can be installed, but it is not necessary to install all system updates as of now.


The rest not installed updates will show in software updates as available unless it is replaced by other latest updates. You can install it whenever you need it.

In case, if you have set your settings for system update automatically, then it will run and install the updates once it is available. It will not ask you for the system updates. So before going to above mention selective install of updates, make sure to check the settings.

Another option is to get your updates installed through macOS command Line Control. Through which you can install the selective update.

These are the updates provided as per the system preference update tool. It is very different from installing and updating applications in your mac. These applications in your mac can be downloaded or updated through the app store.

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