Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

So, Marvels’ fans might be as happy as Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to release today, i.e., 12th November 2020. At the time of writing this guide, there are currently 19 suits available in the game. So we will describe them and their ranks according to us.

Here you will find all the 19 suits in the games and their mods so that you can use them effectively while playing. As the much-awaited Spider-Man Miles Morales is out, you are ready to take on your favorite suit. Let’s get started.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Here we will discuss all the 19 suits available in the game.

19. Sportswear Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Sportswear Suit is a cross between a legit spider-man suit as the game is set in warmth at Christmas in the snowy period, so it is understandable. This suit has basketball shots with under armor and some damn fine trainers or sneakers.


Now there’s a cool thing of note; that is, this suit and all the others will degrade over time with rips and dirt depending on the mission, which seems impressive to see as this is dynamic.

18. Spider Training Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Spider training suit is interesting for a few reasons. Firstly this suit is the very last suit you’ll likely unlock in the game as it’s only available once you start a new game. Also, the thing that makes this one particular is that it’s actually always been here. Those who played the DLC from spider-man 2018 will recognize this.

The clothing miles war during his first training sessions with Peter in the city that never sleeps DLC.  Further, it is also just like Peter’s ECU suit, which repeats his school for miles, and that’s Brooklyn visions academy more on that soon as we play the game.


Though this suit has a hidden suit mod power transfer, which lets miles convert camouflage energy into venom power, so when you’re not sneaky, convert invisibility into bioelectricity.

17. Great Responsibility Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Great Responsibility Suit is miles first official suit made just for him and not one of peter’s cast-offs. Although judging by the fit, especially around the neck, is likely one of peter’s cast-offs.



The coolest thing about the Great Responsibility Suit is the elbow and knee pads to show miles is not fully ready to take the training wheels off. Just yet, peter’s still looking out for him; he still rocks his Adidas shoes. Anyways there’s no mod attached to this.

16. Classic Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

A damn gorgeous design is what the Classic Suit claims. We are sure you will agree, and it’s the way we all picture miles the signature red crashing through the midnight black. Also, we call it the classic suit because the suit comes with another suit modification.

You know when spider-man snatches a weapon out of the enemy’s hands and then hits them with it, while the mod here lets miles create a concussive force when that weapon shatters in a fight. Frustratingly though, this only works on underground weapons. Like those purple guys, this mod isn’t as great as possible but still very useful.

15. Winter Suit

Winter suit is exactly the same classic suit but with a key difference. It’s now much warmer and keeps spider-man toasty inside this is the winter suit. Further, the scarf flaps around in the wind, and during maskless cutscenes, the earmuffs drop around his neck.

There are the small touches; also, this suit does not have a superpower, nor does it look badass. But for comedy value in cutscenes, it’s totally worth it.

14. Brooklyn Visions Academy Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

It’s again the same suit again as the classic suit. You can see why we are putting these all together this time. The classic suit is juxtaposed with the Brooklyn vision uniform. The blazer and backpack set this one-off like other suits; his shoes are here again and his wireless headphones.

There’s a reason why this is ranked higher on our list than the other classic iterations. You can check out the visor mod while cruising around and trying not to swing face-first into a building. Moreover, miles can perform tricks by holding square and going crazy with the left thumbstick. With the trick master mod, it is possible to turn these random stunts into pure venom power. The more twirly whirly means more bioelectricity and bioelectrically wins fights.

13. Strike Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained



Just take a look at this beautiful monstrosity. This suit is like spawn meets the future. This suit also brings spiders to miles gauntlets, and it looks really good at night because of the glowing effect.

However, we have one issue with the suit, and that’s t the spider on his chest looks more like a tie to us, Also, like he’s going on a superhero interview. Maybe we are hung up on that for the wrong reasons, but the suit is pure fire.

Apart from that, the visor mod installed is venom overclock, which means once your venom meter is full, it will actually heal miles over time like small health droplets.

12. Homemade Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

If you read the comics, you’ll be more impressed with this Homemade Suit. This is indeed miles first attempt at making his own spider suit, and it’s very functional. He looks like he’s going skiing in that mask, but he keeps his identity safe.

Moreover, to keep things extra functional, check out the footwear reckon they are steel toe cap too, however, we have no proof. This suit has a mod, i.e., a power pitcher who takes spider-man’s ability to throw things to the next level, increasing objects’ damage and making knockouts far more likely.

11. T.R.A.C.K. Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

By far, the most overstated suit in the game. The white and black makes it impossible for spider-man to hide, just like in the 2018 game. This is a brand new design specifically made for the game and has the same confidence as Peter.

We know this is weird but check out those toes like Ninja’s feet. How cool is that? The visor mod here can be useful if you’re hit by snipers regularly. It decreases damage from ranged attacks by 25.

10. Animated Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

You’ve seen the animated suit before. The suit is from the animated TV show. However, Miles has an oversized eye design and just check out that cel-shaded. It is super weird to see this layered on top of photorealistic graphics.

But it’s undeniably good this suit also has a mod which makes miles’ webs stronger. So when Miles binds an enemy in battle, they will take far longer to break free, thus making them unable to fight when things get hectic.

9. Crimson Cowl Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

We are sure you know where the name comes from. It has a red hood. But that name is taken, so we call it a crimson cowl instead. If anybody asks in terms of design, this is the cleanest suit in the game with minimal design with minimal excess layers. However, only the hood is really defined here.

Further, we did a little research and found out the name crimson cowl is used numerous times in Marvel history, from Ultron to Justine Hammer. It’s likely the latter.

This suit has a great mod you can unlock. It’s a visor mod named ‘ghost strike’ and is arguably the best mod in the game. Depending on how you play, you’ll likely use the web strike takedown, but if someone is near, it will be heard or seen and causes a ruckus ghost strike. This will make enemies unable to hear the takedown as long as Miles is camouflaged. At last, this is legitimately fantastic and makes getting rid of big bad guys in a fight far easier and highly recommended.

8. Bodega Cat Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Bodega Cat Suit is a variant of the classic suit with a cat named spider-man wearing a spider-man mask on the back of spider-man. We said spider-man a lot here (Pun Intended).

This suit is earned via a side quest called Cat’s Pyjamas and is a part of this graffitied hoodie look. Further, this suit again keeps those Adidas shoes. Sadly this suit does not have a modification, but you don’t have to worry because it holds a secret instead. Randomly during takedowns, spider-man will assist spider-man in checking it out. Also, it doesn’t get old either.

7. Brilliant Miles Morales 2099

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Now we have the Brilliant Miles Morales 2099 suit. The awesome red, white and blue evil-looking spider on his chest is set off against that crushing black. You can check out those eyes too. The heat and mist coming from them look impressive.

This suit is just like the title suggests, a mod to the 2099 version of spider-man, who is Miguel O’Hara in that world. If you don’t know too much about it, don’t worry, neither do we. But if you watch the end of ‘Into the Spider-Verse,’ you would have already seen him before.

Good old post-credit scenes come to rescue our miles. He has all the future tech here but still keeps his signature hood. There is an ability with this suit too. A mod with venom suppression resistance; sounds more epic than it actually is. This mod will shorten the time miles can’t use his powers when rocks on troops hit him aggressively.

The cool note is that activating your camouflage will instantly remove energy transfers, which are damn useful when things go all wrong in the late game.

6. Purple Reign Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Purple Reign Suit is another one that is entirely different from the rest. It comes with a vibrant, shiny green offset against this matte purple. The eyes here look way more reduced and seemingly quite sinister. Miles has a utility belt, but it’s the hands we need to focus on, panther-like claws.

This looks like he is talking into action. If you know the color scheme here, you’ve likely figured out how Miles gets this in the game but let’s not say it out loud to save spoilers for people. The purple range suit has a visor mod named reclaimed, and this one replenishes one gadget worth of ammo after performing a melee stealth takedown to any enemy, a guaranteed way to stack gadgets. However, if that’s the way you play.

5. Uptown Pride Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

just look at how striking it is. If you’re wondering why it isn’t higher, it’s due to this being a necessary color swap of the original suit, and also, it has no mod attached, which is a real shame. The uptown pride suit is unlocked by completing the side quest through the app that miles have. Each one of those people you help is a member of the public in your neighborhood.

These people then club together to make this suit as a sign of respect for their spider-man truly brilliant it’s found under a black lives matter mural, which really hits home the importance here.

4. Miles Morales 2020 Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

2020 Suit is like daft punk had a spider baby. This design has been seen in the comics and takes the work of Dan Slott and his 2020 series approach. Visually it’s futuristic and retro at the same time. It has got some 80s shoulder padding and shoes straight out of the back to the future.

The suit screams as if someone in the past was trying to predict the future. The neon mask and chest plate make this pop, and then there’s the logo on the back, which is stuck in the 1990s. The jacket bellows in the wind, and his eye neon shapes changes. When speaking overall, a great suit, but there’s no more to add to this brilliance.

3. End Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

The End Suit is from the end series of comic books. Further, it takes a look at the way a superhero dies. Their final mission where they usually make the ultimate sacrifice. This also means this is the last suit miles will wear when he dies.

In the comic book version, miles is an old man by the time he wears this stuff with the gray hair. Of course, in-game now, his face and voice don’t change. He remains young miles. But this suit demonstrates miles his entire life and look at him after all the years.

The footwear has evolved to be stylish but more boot-like. We like this design, and there is also a suit mod named steady focus. This is a stealth mod that slows down how quickly miles can remain undetected in transparent camouflage. And you should still stand. The camo drops even slower.

2. Programmable Matter Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Who’d have thought we’d be impressed with a suit that looks like it was made on the PS1. But those polygons really work the jet. Black is metallic this time and shines a thousand different ways. With each step, the feet and hands glow. Red and then disperse back into the black gradually. Personally, this really is our favorite. Spider design on his chest and the bigger version on the back we also must take a moment to pay respects to miles and his polygonal badonkadonk insert.

Sadly there is no suit mod here. We were devastated because this was quickly our favorite suit in the game, but there is something secret, a secret takedown move hidden away. The iron spider takedown makes a return. The low poly look continues onto the legs, and it’s simply brilliant. If this had a suit mod, it would be great.

1. Into the Spider-Verse Suit

Spider-Man: Miles Morales | All 19 Suits and Ranks Explained

Into the Spider-Verse suit is easily our favorite in the spider-man lineage. So we know there’s a little prejudice here. But let’s break this brilliance down. Firstly like the animated suit, this costume pops on photorealistic streets. But also look at the proportions of miles. His hands are more significant, longer and his torso is shorter.

They all follow the visuals of the movie. The graffiti spider returns, as do the oversized animated eyes but the two greatest things about this suit are modifications. The text says vibe the verse uses this mod to leap into the spider-verse and cause the attached suit to mimic the aesthetic of a different world.

In this mod, the suit animates in a stuttering fashion to mimic that of the movie. Miles moves on the second frame each time, so it feels a bit delayed, but there’s a second mod here. Perfect sight, a mod that brings the onomatopoeia sounds into text form just like in comic books. If you do this enough, you’ll one day see the sacred bagel visual effect from the movie—pure perfection in mind.

Well, these are all the 19 suits, and their importance explained for Spider-Man Miles Morales. For more gaming updates, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, check out our Gaming GuidesWindows GuidesSocial Media GuidesiPhone, and Android Guides to know more.

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