How to Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

Somewhere we all need a suggestion to know more information about the search query. The perfect example of recommendation is Youtube. Whenever we watch any video, the AI of youtube automatically gives guidance on the right side of the page. In fact, Google is following the same process in its search results. Furthermore, SIRI, the popular AI of Apple, also suggests and answers all our queries. Sometimes it is beneficial, but many time its irritate us by providing irrelevant suggestions. Let’s get started to know how to stop the iPhone from making irrelevant suggestions.

Siri offers recommendations to help with reasonable steps and shortcut to use the iPhone more efficiently. Moreover, Siri frequently gets things wrong and shows irrelevant suggestions of Apps, contacts, web results, etc. You will find these removable shortcuts and recommendations on the spotlight search below the suggested app, notifications on the lock screen, and suggested contacts on the share sheet. We also know how we can remove suggestions on search not to be that simple to remove it.

How to Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

How to Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

One of the easiest ways to stop the irrelevant suggestion is to don’t want any suggestions or fewer suggestions on your device itself. The process to control the feature is to long-press the recommendations. After that, you find an option of Suggest shortcut more minor. Tap on that option, and the suggestions are not showing anymore. Also, it will never offer any suggestion in the future as we said that the AI of apple would work based on how you work on your device.

Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions

Follow the above steps for the home and lock screen to stop suggestions. But it is slightly different for contacts as when you long press on suggestions on the contacts app, it will prompt you to Share less as they are not any shortcut. It will not altogether remove all suggestions, but it will now show some less relevant tips that may help find what you want in your device.

Disable Suggestion Completly

Although, as we mentioned above, the process does not entirely disable the suggestion feature so that you will notice some of them. If you want to remove all suggestions, then follow the steps below. For that, you have to Disable Siri’s suggestion.

  • Go to the settings app of your iDevice.
  • Then navigate and tap on Siri and Search option.
  • Next, disable all the given options from the toggle switch.
    Stop Your iPhone from Making Irrelevant Suggestions
    The options of suggestions are mention below.
  1.  While Searching – It removes all recommendations from the spotlight searches.
  2. On Lock Screen: It removes all Siri Suggestions from the lock screen.
  3. On Home Screen: It removes all Siri Suggestions when we are swiping down on the home screen.
  4. When Sharing: It removes all Siri Suggestions from the share sheet.


iOS devices are perfect so far, but it also has some issues that mayapple will resolve in the upcoming version of Apple devices. By the above steps, you may remove or useless suggestions provided by Siri. Also, if you want to re-enable it, then toggle on the switches or reset the settings to default. If you like the fix, then provide your feedback in the comment box. For more information, visit our website regularly.

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