How can you stream from my iPhone to my Sonos speaker to Spotify?

If you are using Spotify music app streaming service on your iPhone or iPad, but likely for some reason, you have to play music on Sonos speaker. However, Sonos Speaker works with a dedicated Sonos Speaker app designed to play with the help of it. There you don’t give a lot of time to download, instant or log in even it is Better to play a song using your Spotify app.

Today we are going to share a bit of knowledge on how you can Stream Spotify from your iPhone or iPad to Sonos Speaker. So you can play a song that you want to play on Speakers.


  • Ensure that your device iPhone or iPad connected with the same Wi-Fi network alongside Sonos Speaker.
  • It works with the Wi-Fi System to make sure you turn on the Wi-Fi mode on your speaker.
  • This is not a similar method with your Bluetooth connectivity system to your iOS device.
  • Mostly Sonos Speaker was compatible with AirPlay but not all of them. (In some scenarios your AirPlay Settings doesn’t show the Compatible speaker due to some issues, Bug and error.)
  • If you are trying to play a song sith AirPlay Audio control setting, then you face some difficulties.

How do you play Songs on your Sonos Speaker using Spotify from iPhone or iPad device?

It’s always been quite easy, follow the simile instructions guide given below.

  1. Starting with connecting your iPad or iPad Device with the same Wi-Fi as your Sonos Speaker.
  2. Open your Spotify application on your iOS device.
  3. Now you have to select the song that you want to play and then start playing the song.
  4. After that, you will find the device button placed on the bottom of the app screen.
  5. There you will find all the connected devices with your Wi-Fi System and as expected your Sonos Speaker will also appear there as well.
  6. Select the Sonos Speaker, and after connecting your song from Spotify, you will start streaming on your speaker.
  7. That’s it,  you can now play songs usually, and it will play, Stop, Next based on your Commands.

Furthermore, it seems to be quite handy and easy because you were familiar with your music streaming app service. It gives you the freedom to use your Tour Device as a remote. Even you can use this method to connect with other speakers as well, which supports Wi-Fi connections over music streaming support.

In Sone scenarios when you have to visit another location such as Party, or for some reason there you gave to play a song but there is Sonos speaker over there.

Hopefully, we assume that this article is worth your time, and we believe you have successfully been able to stream your song to Sonos speaker using Spotify. We would like to know your opinion and feedback if there is any query, please feel free to comment us down below.


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