Streets Of Rage 4: Achieve An Out Of This World Combo Master Trophy/Achievement

Most beat ’em up games have some insane combo rewards for players to unlock or achieve. This is the case with Streets of Rage 4 too. The game’s core idea is in the name itself — you beat up the baddies with cool attacks and moves. Furthermore, the more enemies you beat up and damage, the higher your hit combo rises. And to make things more interesting, players can unlock the Combo Master achievement or trophy. Unlocking the Combo Master achievement is really no joke.

Players need to get an ‘Out of this World’ combo in order to get this achievement. It might seem easy at the beginning, however, it’s a lot more challenging than it might seem. On the PlayStation 4, it’s a silver trophy. On the Xbox One, it’s worth 30 Gamerscore. To make things a tad easier for you, we’re going to show you how to achieve an Out of This World combo to unlock the Combo Master achievement or trophy. Furthermore, you can check out Streets of Rage 4: tips and tricks guide for beginners.

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Steps to unlock the Combo Master Trophy/Achievement in Streets of Rage 4

Before we proceed, it’s worth noting that this isn’t the only right way that you can unlock the Combo Master trophy. However, following these steps will drastically improve your chances to get the Out of This World combo. For the best chance of getting the Combo, you will want to play in Stage 2: Police Precinct with the Mania difficulty level. Of course, you will first have to complete the Story Mode for the first time.

Playing with the Mania difficulty in Stage Two will give you the best chance to get hit combos. This is because you will have to face a good number of enemies back to back. Make sure not to wait between hits and do your best to avoid being attacked.

Combo Master Trophy in Streets of rage 4


You’ll need to move to a corner in the area and wait for the enemies to come towards you. If you manage to line up the enemies you need to beat them up non-stop to increase your hit combo. Do this until the last enemy remains and then move towards the top-right corner and beat the last remaining enemy there. You will then go through the locked prison door. Follow the same steps in this room as well and beat up the last police officer near the jail cell door.

As you reach the next area, start beating up the enemies without waiting too long. This will give a major boost to your hit combo. Ultimately, you will reach the 1,000 damage mark if you keep your hit combo meter up. Once you reach it, you will unlock the Combo Master Trophy in Streets of Rage 4.

Which characters to select to get the Combo Master Trophy?

You’ll be able to get the Out Of This World combo with relative ease if you select Floyd Iraia and Adam Hunter. The former lets you catch the enemy and move around with them and even throw them on others. This will help you keep up your hit combo. On the other hand, Adam Hunter can dodge attacks from enemies which will help prevent your hit combo from being reset.

Getting the Out of This World combo may take a couple of attempts. Although, if you follow this guide to the point, you’ll probably unlock the Combo Master Trophy in Streets of Rage 4 within the first attempt. If you’re looking for help in other areas of the game, don’t fret. You can check out our other guides on Streets of Rage 4.

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