Streets of Rage 4: Tips and Tricks Guide for Beginners

Looking at the Streets of Rage 4 game, I get so many throwbacks to the famous Double Dragon game, which was definitely a fan favorite during our times. I also hope that most of you have played the game because if you have not, then you missing out big time. A new beat’em up game is around the block that has been recently released that will definitely make you nostalgic about the genre is the Streets of Rage 4. This game has been released on April 30, 2020, and is available across all the popular platforms like Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The game has been developed by DotEmu, Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games, and is published by DotEmu, Yooreka Studio (Greater China). However, it has been some time since the previous version came out, and the players of this game might have gone a little rusty. But that is where we come up because, in this post, we will give you some tips or tricks for those rusty as well as first-time players to get their hold in the game. So, let us get over with the basics and some tips and tricks for the Streets of Rage 4, to master the game:

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Well, the first thing that you need to master and have proper knowledge of for any game is its controls. Note that there are two control schemes for the Streets of Rage 4 game, and there is a simple option in the Settings of the game where you can switch between the two layouts. You can also replicate the old layouts from the previous version of the game as well. But, you want to totally remap the button of the game then, follow the below guide:

Action Modern Controls Retro Controls
Move Left stick / D-pad Left stick / D-pad
Jump X X
Attack Square Square
Special Triangle Triangle
Pick up Circle Square
Throw weapon Circle X + Square
Back attack R2 / Left stick back + Square / X + Square X + Square
Star move Circle + Triangle / R1 Square + Triangle

Pickups and Weapons

Well, like every other beat’em up games, Streets of Rage 4 also offers several different ways via which you can pick up enemies and weapons as well. The weapons, as usual, will be hidden inside destructible boxes, oil barrel, etc. Talking about pickups, there are several ways like Apple, Chicken, and Star. Notably, you can swap the food from the game menu, by heading over to Options>>Food. Replace Apple with onigiri, croissant, onion rings, pizza, or tofu, while the Chicken can be replaced with a bowl of ramen, ham, loaded fries, cheeseburger, or salad.

  • Apple: When you do Apple pickup, you get a small amount of the health back.
  • Chicken: A roasted chicken refills your health bar completely.
  • Star: This gives you an extra start to move.

If we talk about weapons, there are many weapons like a Knife, Baseball bat, Katana, Spear, Glass bottle, and Pipe. Money is also available and scattered through the streets in the form of boxes, money sacks, which equates to points.



Let us take a quick look at the characters and their powers and technique within the game.

  • Axel Stone:
    – Power: 4 Technique: 3 Speed: 3 Jump: 2 Stamina: 3
  • Blaze Fielding
    – Power: 3 Technique: 4 Speed: 3 Jump: 3 Stamina: 2
  • Cherry Hunter
    – Power: 1 Technique: 3 Speed: 5 Jump: 4 Stamina: 2
  • Adam Hunter
    – Power: 4 Technique: 4 Speed: 2 Jump: 3 Stamina: 3
  • Floyd Iraia
    – Power: 5 Technique: 4 Speed: 1 Jump: 1 Stamina: 3

Other tips

While you will be able to master a game only when you play, and theory will only give you a basic idea of what all you can do within the game. But, here are some of the tips and advice that you can follow to get the game under your bag:

  • Don’t finish off your power move every time it fills up. Save it for a better time.
  • Try to jump while you are being attacked to dodge certain hits.
  • Not all the moves can be avoided.
  • Look for weapons in the destructible objects to gain the upper hand over your enemy.
  • Take character as per your gaming style.
  • Eat food responsibly, like in the real world.
  • Try to land on your feet when thrown by the enemy. This you can do by pressing X while you are just about to land.

So, there you have it from my side in this post. I hope you guys liked this post and were able to get your mind another the basics of the game, along with some tips and tricks that would surely help yours throughout the game. Let us know in the comments below if you liked this post or not. Until the next post…Cheers!

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