How to Play Summer in Crucible: Abilities and Upgrades

The brand new free-to-play third-person shooting game from Amazon Game Studio, Crucible, is fast becoming a favorite among players in the video game community. The 12-player, class-based game was released recently on the 20th of May and is available to download on Steam. It has already been receiving positive reviews for its pristine graphics and creative playing style. These motivate every player to freely try their hand in the proceedings and aid in helping their team win the day. Of course, players need to properly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the ten different in-game characters, in order to make the best use of them.

One of the first characters you will come across when you first start playing Crucible is Summer, for she is one of the three characters you can choose in the tutorials. After breaking away from her mundane family tradition of building spaceships, she turned herself into one of the most powerful hunters in the game. Wielding terrifying twin flamethrowers, she is not hesitant to fierily mow down enemies at close range. However, she does come with the disadvantage of getting her weapons overheated and temporarily incapacitated.

How to Play Summer in Crucible: Abilities and Upgrades

Play Summer in Crucible: Abilities and Upgrades

Given below is our guide to helping you get acquainted with Summer’s abilities and upgrades. We hope it will help you determine how to use her character best in Crucible. We have tried to add each and everything thing that we know regarding Summer.


  • Passive: In the case of Summer, all of her abilities produce heat energy. As a result of overheating, they will get deactivated for five seconds.
  • Fire pulse Thrusters (L Shift): You can use this to make Summer bound forwards and up. This will produce heat.
  • Magma Spiral (Q): This will create a circular area of dazzling magma right underneath Summer. It will also serve to push her forward a bit. This will produce heat.
  • Ignition Spark (E): You can use this to produce a fearsome blast that will knock both Summer and her enemies backward. It will produce heat.
  • Fireball (right-click): This will spit forth a huge fireball that will explode on hitting its target. This will also produce heat.

How to handle excessive heat?

This is one of the main issues you will have to handle regarding Summer. Since each and every one of her abilities will produce some amount of heat energy, managing overheating situations is imperative when you are playing in her role. You should definitely closely watch her Heat Indicator, which appears as a semicircle in the middle of your screen. This will help you decide which of the abilities you want to use next.

The overheating results in temporary incapacitation. That is, Summer will be unable to use any more abilities until the accumulated heat dissipates, and the indicator is reset to zero. During those few seconds, you will be forced to resort to melee attacks alone. If you have collected enough essence and reached the second level upgrade, you will produce additional damage if the heat gauge is filled more than half. Apart from this, the heat gauge will receive boosted capacity at level five. Once you reach level four, the cooldown period will go down as well.


It’s worth mentioning that although all of Summer’s basic attacks produce heat energy, left-clicking with her flamethrower will do so at a much slower rate in comparison. You can potentially use this to your advantage.

Essence Upgrades

Level One

  • Flame Projectors: These increase the flamethrower range by 50 percent.
  • Refinery Blast: If you activate this upgrade, striking targets with flamethrowers will make them drop essence as loot.
  • Thruster Pounce: You can use this to leap up while pounding on your enemies with Firepulse Thrusters. It will cause severe injury and send them reeling backward.

Level Two

  • Acetylene Torch: If you activate this upgrade, the heat gauge going above 50 percent will bestow an additional 40 percent damage on flamethrowers.

Level Three

  • Incendiary Shot: This will cause hurtling fireballs to leave a sizzling area of flames in their wake for 4 seconds.
  • Magma Storm: This bestows 50 percent more flame projectiles and 20 percent additional damage upon Magma Spiral.
  • Tuned Spark Coils: When this is activated, using Ignition Spark will knock back +50 percent and knock projectiles off-course as well.

Level Four

  • Cooldown Protocol: This decreases the time to recover from the effects of overheating to four seconds from five.

Level Five

  • Goes to Eleven: This increases maximum heat from 225 to 275.
  • Ready to Rock!: When this is activated, swift melee attacks will produce two attacks for 40 damage, and 40 damage as time progresses when overheating is operational.

Developing Your Strategy

You will have noticed that most of Summer’s abilities require her to close the distance between her and her targets. Your preference should be to use Firepulse Thrusters to disrupt your foes and get past close calls using Ignition Spark. An exception to this limitation is her Fireball onslaught. You can use it to wreak havoc upon your enemies from a safe distance.

In order to deal with tenacious melee hunters, you can use Summer’s Magma Spiral ability to leap up off the ground and come down heavily upon them. Make sure you are able to handle the tremendous amount of heat energy generated by this action, though. You must remember to collect essence in order to achieve additional damage for level two and boosted heat gauge at level four.

This guide was to introduce the players of  Crucible with character Summer. We hope you find our guide helpful to handle Summer’s fiery abilities in Crucible with meticulous skill.  If you have any queries or feedback, feel free to comment down below with your Name and E-mail ID. Likewise, check out our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksGames and Android Tips and Tricks for more such tips and tricks. We urge you to participate in our third week $150 giveaway by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. Thank You!

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