How to Get the Bow in The Last of Us Part 2

The bow is arguably one of the most iconic weapons of all times in video games, and even more so in The Last Of Us 2. Considering the importance of stealth in the game, the bow can be effectively used to take down foes from a safe distance.

You will be able to find this highly useful weapon during Day 2 in Seattle. We have come up with a fresh guide to help you obtain the Bow and Arrow set in The Last Of Us 2.

How to Get the bow in The Last of Us Part 2

Obtaining the Bow and Arrow set in The Last Of Us Part 2

Like we mentioned before, you can obtain the Bow and Arrow set in The Last of Us 2 on Day 2 in Seattle. After you use the green waste bin to make your way over the garage, walk across the city until you get to a certain area with a Velvet Tattoo shop and Shear Lux hair salon on your left and a Pet Boutique and Grooming store on your right. Enter the Pet Store and neutralize the Shambler that appears near the fallen wall. Now go past the yellow doors into the kitchen.

Outside, you will clearly notice a staircase leading upstairs. There will be a skeleton lying at the foot of the staircase, with arrows upon it. Retrieve the arrows and head upstairs. Destroy the three Infected that attack you at the top, and then make your way through the building. A word of caution: there are more Infected waiting to ambush you at the hole near the back of the house. So keep your shotgun ready, parry their attacks and blast them with careful aim. You will now receive a bow as a reward! Use the arrows you retrieved from the skeleton to practice on the targets near the garage door.

The Importance of the Bow in The Last Of Us 2

Until you find the bow in The Last Of Us 2, you will have to manage stealthy takedowns with your knife at close range. The bow is noticeably more stable than guns in terms of handling and is much easier to aim at long range. You can use this advantage to take down foes from a distance before engaging the remaining ones up close. Keep in mind, though, that holding the drawstring for too long can neutralize this ability. You can also take it to a workbench to install three upgrades – a rangefinder, increasing stability, and increasing the speed of drawing.


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