The Last Of Us Part 2 Jasmine Bakery Safe Combination Guide

There are fifteen different locked safes in Naughty Dog’s new hit game, The Last Of Us 2. Players need to find the unique codes needed to unlock these safes and obtain the rewards within.

In this guide, we will show you how to locate the safe in Jasmine Bakery and obtain its combination. So the players looking out for the codes should look nowhere else. Let’s get started.

The Last Of Us Part 2 Jasmine Bakery Safe Combination Guide

The Jasmine Bakery Safe Combination in The Last Of Us Part 2

The Jasmine Bakery is located in the Hostile Territory in Chinatown. Just two buildings away, you will find another shop. Enter through the backdoor, go upstairs, and take down the Clickers in the other room. Now go out onto the balcony and make a sprinting jump across the road to the balcony at the other end. Go left, then you will come across a note with the code for the Jasmine Bakery safe.

Combination: 68-96-89

Now go and unlock the safe. You will find useful supplies and other items within it.


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