Top and Best cover and case for Poco F1 smartphone

The Best Poco F1 Cases and Cover’s

The Poco F1 is making waves even before it has reached the hands of its eager customers. The built is quite strong, but in terms of being dropped accidentally, it’s definitely not going to survive. So I went through some sites and finally found some protectors on Amazon and Flipkart for your Poco F1.

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Expectations are for Spoken to dive in as well and release some cases for this affordable flagship hence, we have compiled a list of cases that will be full worthy and protect your Poco F1 as well.

List of Poco F1 Cases and Covers

1- KAPAVER Shock-Proof Carbon Fiber Armor Black Case for Poco F1

KAPAVER Shock-Proof Carbon Fiber Armor Black Case for Poco F1

You want rugged looks with a better grip, and bold feeling, and sharp chisel lines, and should be shockproof, then the KAPAVER is the case you need to buy. The matte finish TPU has an etched pattern that looks like carbon fiber. This gives a better grip and also complements the Poco F1’s look.


The raised lips protect the buttons, so they remain unscathed for a long time. There is a cushion padding inside the case to absorb the shock so the impact is absorbed in case of a fall. The cover comfortably wraps itself around the phone protecting the display as well.

Available at Amazon

2- TheGiftKart Toughened Glass Case with Bumper  for Poco F1

If more than anything looks matter the most then the GiftKart Toughened Glass Case by GiftKart is just for you. Yes, the glass addition does make it fragile but, the style is worth the buy. The TPU bumper protects both your phone and glass back as well.

TheGiftKart Toughened Glass Case with Bumper  for Poco F1


The Poco F1 ports and button slots are well cut and all bumps have been removed from the rear dual camera. The high-five here is, it adds a luxury tag on the phone as well. Available in black, white, pink and red, it’s worth the buy.

Available at Amazon

3- KuGi Shock-Resistant Armor TPU for Poco F1

This shock-resistant case is backed by KuGi brand name. Made of silicone, it’s very easy to remove or put back plus the hexagon pattern on the inside gives a cushion padding to the phone as well.


KuGi Shock-Resistant Armor TPU for Poco F1

The pattern on the back also resembles the Poco F1’s armored edition. The design also gives a better grip. The port and camera cutouts both protect and give a better look to your phone. As for choice, well, you get to choose from green, red, blue, purple, and black.

Available at Amazon

4- The GiftKart Crystal Clear TPU Case for Poco F1

If you are the type who lives simplicity then this is the best case for you. This case protects your Poco F1 all along not hiding your phone’s awesome looks. The case is highly flexible and is made of high-grade silicone.

The GiftKart Crystal Clear TPU Case for Poco F1


There are raised corners that absorb the shock and will protect the sides in case of an accidental fall. The buttons are very intelligently cutout for the ports and speakers and the edges are slightly raised to protect the glass cover.

Available at Amazon

5- POCO F1 Hard Case by Xiaomi

Xiaomi is also offering protection cases for the Poco F1. Their case is a hard case that easily wraps around the phone from all dents and scratches. Since it’s manufactured by Xiaomi and made for Poco F1, there is no branding on the case.

POCO F1 Hard Case by Xiaomi

The cut-outs are perfectly cut out for the ports, camera, flash, and other ports. The cover also gives extra protection to the buttons.

Available at Flipkart

6- S-Gripline Pudding Soft Case for Poco F1

If you want a flexible case that gives a soft look than the S-Gripline case is made for you. Again, like its official counterpart, there is no branding making it ideal for those who don’t like showing off.

S-Gripline Pudding Soft Case for Poco F1

The case protects from scratches plus adds a different look to your phone. Also, the Rs 174 less price in comparison to the Xiaomi original case, is worth the buy.

Available at Amazon

7- TheGiftKart 3-in-1 Slim Fit Hybrid Poco F1 Bumper Case

If you like the 3-in-1 hybrid look then this stylish case is made just for you. The phone not only protects the back of the phone, but the cover wraps comfortably around the bezels of your Poco F1 phone keeping the notch intact.

TheGiftKart 3-in-1 Slim Fit Hybrid Poco F1 Bumper Case

You get to choose from a wide range of colors including rad dual-tone hybrid case options. However, these cases are available on pre-orders as they are not available until October 4th this year.

Pre-order on Amazon

8- FOSO Leather Texture TPU Case for Poco F1

Yes, minimalism is the talk of the town, but premium look lovers are in plenty of numbers. Which is why the Poco F1 is definitely going to attract a lot of attention. That’s why this soft TPU case is given a leather-like finish to maintain the phone’s premium looks.

FOSO Leather Texture TPU Case for Poco F1

The case easily covers the edges of the screen to protect it from accidental falls. The layer surrounding the phone is quite thin than the rest of the material hence, gives a better tactical response.

Last, but not least, the design helps in removing heat from your phone and assists the LiquidCool technology that’s already in its place to keep your phone cool. Now how much this technology works, can’t be said yes, the case definitely looks cool.

Available at Amazon

9- Tarkan Poco F1 Clear Case

To many the Poco F1 may not look like a stunning phone but, the armored Edition with its colors definitely make it stand out from the rest. So, if you don’t want your Poco F1 to go un-noticed the Tarkan clear case is just for you. The case comes with raised edges and case-like corners that protect the phone’s screen.

Tarkan Poco F1 Clear Case

The Tarkan case claims to be shockproof as it uses AirCushion technology hence if your phone falls accidentally, chances are it will be OK. The case comes with a 12-month warranty and fits snuggly on the phone.

Available at Amazon

10- Official Poco F1 armored Case

If you are the type who loves everything to be official and the armored edition Poco F1 might be just over your budget, then Pocophone have announced the release of their armored case as well. The case is expected to feature the Kevlar design being the most wanted variant and will be combined with an amber accent to give a more colorful look.

The cover has ridges on both sides to probably assist in the dissipation of heating up. The case is still on the waiting list and is expected to cost at Rs 799/- and should be available soon on Amazon. As for the high rate, well as far as protection goes, the case will be worth the buy.

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