Trial of Cunning Location in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 is one of the most epic action role-playing first-person shooter games. There are so many exciting elements in the game that make me play it again and again. One of them is Proving Grounds Trials. Borderlands 3 has six exciting trials, and they are like mini-dungeons. This means you navigate through the dungeon to battle normal enemies and then finally a boss at the end. You also need to finish objectives in a time frame, and then you earn a trophy. Proving Grounds are late-game missions and players embark on these activities to gather maximum loot. However, you need to finish the main campaign in order to access them. This is because you need Eridian Analyzer to know where Proving Grounds are and it is obtained by finishing the primary campaign.

Now, I am here to talk about one of the Proving Grounds, Trial of Cunning in Borderlands 3. This is an exciting activity as you have to face three waves of enemies, and you need to finish each one of them with precision. But before you face the enemies, you must know the location of Trial of Cunning in order to access it. Well, don’t worry, keep reading, and I will tell you.

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Trial of Cunning Location

Trial of Cunning: Borderlands 3

Trial of Cunning is an optical mission in Borderlands 3. To access it, you need to head towards The Splinterlands on Pandora. Mark the location on the map as seen in the picture above. Go to this point; it is approximately the center of the map. There you will come across a strange plinth with whom you need to interact to get some coordinates. Now, head back to the Sanctuary and enter the coordinates into navigation console.

This is how you will be able to travel to Trial of Cunning. Now, you will have to travel to Ghostlight beacon so that you can take part in Trial of Cunning Proving Ground. Now, speak to the overseer to begin the trial. The trial will begin with an enemy wave, and you will need to fight three of them. After defeating the three waves of enemies, you will face the boss.

Defeat the boss to get access to an enormous chest full of rewards.

Trial of Cunning: Borderlands 3

The Trial of Cunning is one of the six Eridian Proving Grounds in Borderlands 3. This is a side quest that can only be accessed after finishing the main campaign. So make sure you do that first, and then head over to the location as mentioned above to access rewards.

The quest is not an easy one as you have to defeat a lot of enemies, and finally, a boss. Keep an eye on your health. You will also get optional activities like finding the Fallen Guardian, completing the trial without dying, killing the boss with 25:00 remaining, or killing the boss with 20:00 remaining to get chief reward points. However, these are optional activities.


If you need any other guide, related to the Proving Grounds in Borderlands 3, let us know in the comment section.

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