How To Unbrick Huawei Honor 7x Back To Stock Firmware

Somehow if your stars aren’t on your side then you will end up bricking your smartphone. Every device has a high chance of getting bricked when under the hood tweaking goes wrong. Honor 7x from Chinese OEM Huawei is not an exception to this. In this post, we will teach you how to unbrick Huawei Honor 7x back to the stock OS.

Time and again we keep hearing about the term bricking of the Android phone. People try to tweak the Android device OS to get superuser access or root access. Sometimes it causes the phone to stay in a condition where it doesn’t’ turn on. It just becomes as good as a brick. There can be two kinds of situations where a smartphone bricks. Soft Bricking where the phone boots but not completely. It just stays hanging on the welcome screen. Another case is hard-brick where the device just stays dead. There are many reasons for bricking such as rooting the device, corrupt bootloader, flashing a corrupt custom ROM, etc.

When your Honor 7x bricks the above could be the reason for it.  We have put forth a complete tutorial to let you know how to unbrick Huawei Honor 7x back to the stock firmware it was on. The required downloadable stock ROM and TWRP image have also been provided.

How To Unbrick Huawei Honor 7x Back To The Stock Firmware

A software that you have to use for the entire unbricking process is called Huawei Multi-tool V8. You have to flash the stock OS and TWRP image in order to unbrick Huawei Honor 7x.  First, grab the files and the tool from the download section below.

Download Huawei Honor 7x Stock Firmware

Here are the respective links to download the stock ROM, TWRP image, and the Huawei Multi-tool V8.

  • Huawei Multi-tool V8 | Download
  • Honor 7x (BND-AL10) Stock Firmware | Download
  • TWRP image for Huawei Honor 7x | Download

Note:-  There are three zip files all of which you have to download. When asked for a password, use 4pda.


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Steps To Unbrick Huawei Honor 7x

Before we get ahead with the steps, carefully follow the points mentioned below.


  • Ensure full battery charge on your smartphone to avoid interruption due to the power outage.
  • Take a full backup of your device data before proceeding.
  • The firmware listed above is only for Huawei Honor 7x (BND-AL10). Don’t flash it on any other Huawei device.
  • GetDroidTips will not be responsible if any damage occurs to your smartphone during this process.

Steps of Unbricking

Step-1 Download, extract and install the Huawei multi-tool V8.

Step-2  Switch off and hold the Volume Down key to reboot your Honor 7X in fastboot mode.

Step-3 Connect it to the PC via USB cable.

Step-4 Click on the Huawei Multi-tool V8 > Recovery tab > Click on Select Image button

Step-5 Select the downloaded TWRP image file and click on Flash Recovery.

Step-6 After flashing is over, disconnect your device and turn it off.


Step-7 Now extract the file.

Step-8 In the Huawei Multi-tool software >  Unbrick tab > click on Launch Huawei Update Extractor. Click on the dot button beside Update File option and select UPDATE.APP file from the extracted folder.

Step-9  Right-click on the empty space >  choosing the option Extract all to extract the folder updateappone.

Step-10 Select the file  Vendor.img and copy it to an external storage on your phone.

Step-11 Press the Power+Vol Up button together to reboot your device into recovery mode.

Step-12 Go to Wipe > Advanced Wipe from the recovery menu and select all the available partitions. Swipe at the bottom to wipe it all.

Step-13 Go to recovery main menu and select Install > Install IMG. Then select Vendor.img file in the external storage and flash it.

Step-14 Switch off your device and connect it to the PC in fastboot mode.

Step-15 Extract the Zip file update_full_BND-device-model_hw_your-region and you will find UPDATE.APP file. Extract it.

Step-16 You will find cust.img file in the extracted folder. In case it is not there, you will find version.img and rename it to cust.img.

Step-17 Copy this Img file to the updateappone folder. Go to Huawei Multi-tool software > click Unbrick tab > click on Specify folder. Then select the updateappone folder.

Step-18 Click on the Unbrick button and wait for the process to get completed. Reboot to finish the process.

So there you are. Now that you know how to unbrick Huawei Honor 7x, next time your device bricks just follow this process.

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  1. Hi Prakash,
    I tried to change the rom on Indian variant and got something wrong. Selected some wrong package and now it is bricked. It is in booting loop after the honor logo. I am trying to get it in fastboot mode but it is not working at all.
    Please suggest something to unbrick it.
    I have the backup but don’t know how to get it connected to multi tool.

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