How to Unbrick or Restore Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018)

Here we will guide on how to Unbrick or Restore Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018). To unbrick, first, you need to download the supported firmware for your Galaxy A6 or A6 Plus. Then follow our guide to start restoring your device back to normal.

Samsung Galaxy A series has devices from the Korean manufacturer which lie on the mid-range segment. The A series came out a few years back and is the first device in which Samsung tried a different interface. It was the time when users got bored of the cliche Galaxy interface and A series changed it all. The devices from A series faced a lot of competition from other manufacturer devices. It is 2018 and Samsung is here with two devices said to be the best in the mid-range segment. The Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus come with some exciting features and configuration and users are going crazy over them. The two new device is Samsung new move to beat the heavy competition they were facing in the segment, and so far it seems to be effective.

The Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus come with a good hardware configuration which makes them powerful enough. It is normal that users want to enhance the performance with some custom ROMs and other experiments. But one thing which stops a lot of users from doing these is the fear of getting them bricked. The first thing you should note here is that bricking will be the result only if you are not following the procedure correctly. If you are following the steps correctly there is no chance of getting the device bricked. Even if the device is bricked in some cases you can get your device back. In this guide, we will help you unbrick Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus.

How to Unbrick or Restore Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018)

Know the kind of brick

It is true that in most cases you can unbrick your device. This also means that there can be times when you cant do it your self. This is because all types of bricks are not the same and there are two types in them. The two type are:

  • Hard brick
  • Soft brick

Both these bricks are different from each other. A soft brick can be solved by following the steps in this guide. While if it is a hard brick you are recommended to contact some approved technical assistance. So the first step to follow when your device is bricked is identifying the type of brick.


When the device is hard bricked, you cant even boot it into the recovery mode. The device won’t be responding at all including the booting key combination. This brick will happen because of the loss of power supply during some process.

A soft brick is entirely different from a hard brick. In this case, you may face frequent restarting of the device, or unable to switch off the device etc. If this is the case you are good to follow the steps given in this guide.

Warning & Disclaimer

I would like to make it very clear that your Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018) will no longer remain in its warranty period post following the guide mentioned in this post. We at cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong.


  • Charge your phone: Before you proceed with the below information, you are recommended to ensure that your Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018) is at least 50% charged.
  • Take Device Backup: 1. Take Device Backup without Root | 2. Backup IMEI and NVRAM | 3. Create Nandroid Backup using TWRP Recovery (Skip if TWRP is not supported)
  • Install Latest Driver: Install the Latest Samsung USB Drivers and ODIN Tools on your PC.
  • Download: Download the below given required files on your PC.

Download Required Files:

The links for Odin zip file and Firmware file are given below. Simply download them and transfer another location on your PC and remember the same.

For Odin Zip file click below link

Download Latest ODIN Downloader

For Firmware Zip file click below link

Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018) Stock Firmware Collections

In case you don’t know how to use Odin and install a stock firmware. Check out the below video.

I would again like to remind you to remove the SD card to save the data stored on it in case you haven’t. There might be a need for factory reset and thus doing this is recommended.

Steps to Unbrick or Restore Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018):

Video Guide to Flash Stock Firmware on your Device Using ODIN Software
  • Now simply extract the Odin Zip file on your PC.
  • Similarly, extract the Firmware Zip file on it.
  • Move the Firmware file at same location where you extracted Odin
  • Next is to make a double click on Odin which is an odin.exe file to open it.Odin software
  • After this, boot your device into download mode. For this, turn OFF the device and wait for 10 seconds. Press and hold Home, Power, and Volume Down buttons together until you see a warning message on the screen
  • You can now press Volume UP button to enter into the download mode samsung
  • After this, connect your device to PC. At the bottom left side, you will see an “Added” message on the Odin window.
  • In case “Added” message didn’t appear, you can follow some basic tips and they are:
    --------> Ensure the drivers have been installed properly
    --------> Use a different USB cable/port
    --------> Uninstall the driver and re-install them again
    --------> Reboot your device and PC too and try once again.
  • Now simply load the firmware file into Odin. For this click on AP button that you will see on Odin. Select the file that ends with “.md5”
  • Next is to make sure that in “Option” section of the Odin, the box for re-partition is unchecked. Also, pay close attention to other boxes and uncheck all other boxes accept Auto Reboot.
  • Ensure all the above steps have been properly followed and especially the above two.
  • You can now click on the “start” button. This will start flashing stock firmware on your Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018). Wait until “Pass” message appears in Odin’s box at the top left.odin pass
  • Upon getting the same, you will see your device will automatically restart post which you can disconnect it from the PC.
  • That’s all that you need to do to restore Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018) you own.

In case “Fail” message appears instead of “Pass”, or you stuck somewhere, disconnect your device from PC, close Odin and remove the battery of your Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus (2018). Put it back again and repeat the procedure. This will help you to keep up the pace simply.

Good Luck!

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