How to Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8

Android OS is the thing you should prefer if you have a keen mind towards customizing your Android smartphone. When we say customize, it means experimenting with installing custom ROMs, custom recoveries, rooting the device, etc. When you are looking to perform such modifications to your Android smartphone, you will need to have the bootloader on your device unlocked. In this guide, we bring you this tutorial that will help you to Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8. With the bootloader unlocked, you can customize the device as per your choice.

Meizu Note 8 released in November 2018. It runs Android 8.0 Oreo-based on the FlymeOS 7.3. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 632 chipset. The device sports a 6-inches of a display with a resolution of 1080 x 2160 pixels. Note 8 from Meizu has 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage. This phone has a 12+5 MP rear camera along with a 5-MP front face camera.

To unlock the bootloader, you have to use this tool called Bootloader Unlock Tool. We have provided the download link for the tool in the Download section. Of course, the process to unlock the bootloader is not super easy. However, we have the guide with pictures that will make the process easier for you. To be honest, this guide is mostly for those tech-savvy fellows that believe in a practical approach to experiment with devices. Well, others can read this post and know more about the bootloader unlocking as well. So, let’s get started.

Bootloader Unlocking Explained

Let’s try to understand what is bootloader unlocking. It is a fragment of code which executes when a device is turned on. Its work is to initialize the hardware, load the kernel and the Ramdisk. This initiates the boot process. Hence the name bootloader. Usually, the bootloader is open-sourced however, the OEM especially on Android phones, they have locked it from the factory. If you modify the bootloader, your device will lose its warranty.

A person may require to try custom ROMs, recoveries or get root access on his smartphone. This is only possible when he unlocks the bootloader of the device.

How to Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8.?

Before going ahead with the steps, you will need to remember some guidelines. Besides, you will need the Bootloader Unlock Tool which you need to install on your system to unlock the bootloader. We have put the link to download the tool. Also, we have provided the guide which will help you to perform the entire process easily.



GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any hardware or software crash on your Meizu smartphone or any other smartphone in case you wrongfully perform any step from the guide. Remember that unlocking the bootloader will end the warranty of your device. So, perform this modification on your device at your own risk.


  • Make sure to completely charge your device before performing any modification on it.
  • Download the designated tool to unlock the bootloader.
  • Also, this process is exclusively meant for the Meizu Note 8. So, don’t try it on other devices. You will end up bricking the device.
  • A PC/Laptop running on Windows OS.
  • Take a backup of your device data as unlocking the bootloader will wipe the data from your phone.


Bootloader Unlock Tool for Meizu Note 8 | Download | Mirror

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Steps to Unlock the Bootloader

Step-1 Make sure to download and install the Bootloader Unlock Tool

Step-2 Now you have to enter your Meizu Note 8 into Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 mode.

Step-3 Press Volume buttons + Power button together. The phone screen will turn dark which means you are successful in entering the QDLoader Mode.


Step-4 Now connect the Meizu Note 8 with the PC.

Step-5 Now open the Bootloader Unlock Tool > Select Build Type as Flat Build.

Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8


Step-6 Click on Browse > select the file prog_emmc_firehose_8953_ddr.mbn.

Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8

Step-7  Again on the Unlock tool screen click on Load XML.

Step-8 Select the file rawprogram0.xml. Then in the new window select the file patch0.xml.


Step-9 In the Bootloader Unlock Tool screen click on Select Port. The below dialog box will be displayed.

Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8

Step-10 Again on the Unlock Tool, click Download to flash the file.

Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8

Step-11 Now, Enter Fastboot mode by pressing power button + VOL,

Step-12 Now, Run the Boolotader.bat file. This will unlock the Bootloader.

Unlock Bootloader on Meizu Note 8


If you open the REC.bat file, it will install the TWRP on your phone. So, don’t use it if you don’t want to install the TWRP on your Meizu Note 8.

So, that’s it, guys. That was detailed information on how to unlock bootloader on Meizu Note 8. We hope that this guide was useful to you. If you have any queries do let us know.


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