How to unlock the Secret Cow Level in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons contains plenty of quests and level that you can fight through. Among these levels that you can actually see, there are also hidden ones. The secrets levels in the game that demand something more to be unlocked for you to play them. One such level in Minecraft Dungeons is the Secret Cow level, given as ??? in the game. But the problem is that you can’t simply go into this level.

To play this particular level in Minecraft Dungeons, you first need to unlock it. This secret cow level demands something from the players. If you can’t fulfill this demand and do what it takes to complete the secret cow level, then you’re never playing it. In this guide, we’ll explain what you are to do to get into this secret level filled with cows. So without any further ado, let’ see how to unlock the secret cow level in Minecraft Dungeons.

Minecraft Dungeons

How to unlock the Secret Cow Level in Minecraft Dungeons

We’ll get right to the point of our article without bragging too much. In order to unlock the secret cow level in Minecraft Dungeons, shown as ??? in the game, you must find the hidden Runes. There are a total of 9 different Runes in the game, hidden throughout the levels. In order to find them, you first need to complete and finish through the game once in the given default overall difficulty. Finding them will take some time and effort so you can refer to our other guide that’ll take you through all the secret Rune locations in Minecraft Dungeons. Once you find all the hidden Runes, a new path will open at your camp, leading to the secret cow level(given ??? in-game).


Summing up our guide, players are to find all the hidden Runes in Minecraft Dungeons in order to unlock the secret cow level. You can refer to this guide to find all those Runes in the game. When you successfully find all these Runes, a new path at your camp will open, leading to the secret cow level. This level is given as ??? in the game. That said, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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