Spring Sale: Windows 10 Pro Key Just Under $12

We know how important is CD-key which authenticates the official software for specific users. However,  it may happen that you have bought some software online and you don’t have the required unique CD-key. Sometimes people also lose the cd-key. Now it will become problematic when you cannot install your software. Then worry not for URcdkey is there to save your day. Guess what..?! URcdkey exclusively provides the CD key for various important Windows-based system software and other application bundles.

Currently, CD-key for Windows 10 Pro, MS-Office Plus(2019) and MS-Office Professional Plus (2016) are available at a flat discount of 20 %. The unique CD-keys are available at URcdkey at a very cheaper sale price once you apply the coupon code which we will provide you. Modus Operandi is simple. All you have to do is use the coupon code and avail the 20 % discount on the aforementioned CD-keys.

How to Buy CD keys and Avail Discount on URcdkey..?

MS Office 2019 CD Key from URCdkey at 20% Discount Buy Now
Windows 10 Pro OEM Key from URCdkey at 20% Discount Buy Now
MS Office 2016 CD-key at 20 % Discount Buy Now

Here we have posted the individual product with their purchase links. You have to use the Coupon code GDT20 for availing 20 % discount.

Here is the detailed step-by-step approach to activate the CD key for the respective software you will buy from the above.

Activate CD-key for Windows System Software

Step-1 You must download and install a correct edition of Windows 10 OS.


Step-2 On the desktop home screen click Start > Control Panel > Control Panel Items > System

Step-3 Now click on the Change Product Key which you can find in the right bottom corner of the screen.


Step-4 Now click on Activation >  Enter the CD-key you purchased above.

That’s it, and your good to go.

Activate CD-key for MS-office 2016/2019 Software

Step-1 Go to MS-office official Product Registration.


Step-2 Then you have to Sign in with your ID. If you don’t have login credentials, you have to create your own account

Step-3 After signing-in you have to enter product key which is the CD-key.

Step-4 Enter the cD-key you purchased from URdkey

Step-5 Make sure to choose your country and the language.

That’s it. Now you have successfully activated your MS Office professional 2016 or 2019 whichever versions you have.

So if you got Windows 10 pro or MS-office Professional bundle 2016 or 2019 version and your unable to use them because you are yet to activate them. So, grab the CD-key for the respective software from URcdkey at a 20% flat discount right now. Keep following GetDroidTips to keep track of awesome deals on software and hardware.

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