How to Use Google Apps on Nubia X [Play Store, Gmail, Music, Movies]

When we had our first brush with an Android smartphone, from then every one of us is familiar with Google and its Apps. Literally, if you are from any part of the world except China you have GApps on your Android device. Now, that we have mentioned the exception, China doesn’t use Google and its services/applications. So, this reflects on the devices that come from the Chinese OEMs. There may be many users who would want to use Google Apps. If you’re thinking of how to do it, we have got you covered. So, in this post, we will tell you how to install and Use Google Apps on Nubia X.

Obviously, we will follow the path of rooting but we won’t be using TWRP. Instead, we will be using root toolkit and make some changes to the system file. Check out the complete tutorial below. We would like to thank XDA developer Teemoo for coming up with this procedure to install Google Apps on the Nubia X.

Use Google Apps on Nubia X

How to Use Google Apps on Nubia X

Before beginning we will put up some basic guidelines you must follow. Also, we have linked-up various files and applications required to installand use Google Apps on Nubia X.


  • This guide and the files used for the purpose are exclusive to the Nubia X. Don’t use it on other devices.
  • You must unlock the OEM on your device.
  • Ensure to enable USB debugging on your device.
  • A PC/laptop
  • On your system, you must install ADB and fastboot tools.

Only follow the guide if you understand what you are doing. Faulty installation may brick your device. GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any bricked devices or other such technical issues arising due to faulty installation by the user.


Nubia Root Toolkit v219: Download

Link2SD: Download

Google FrameWork Installer: Download

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Guide to Install Google Apps

Step-1 We begin by rooting the device using root toolkit. Connect your device with the PC.

Step-2 From the toolkit zip file, extract the “”, and execute the file nubia-X_Root-V211.exe

Step-3 Close the first Window you’ll see. After that, a second window will pop-up.

Step-4 On this 2nd window you will see a button with Root button on the right. Click it.


Step-5 Now, your Nubia X is successfully

Step-6  In this step, we have to install the Link2SD.

Step-7 Go to the folder where ADB is installed. Right click + Shift > Open PowerShell Window here.



Step-8 Give the following command for installing all the Apps.

adb install NameOfTheFile.apk   [replace the name of the file with the actual App filename]

Step-9 Now, you have to run the App which has Chinese writing with play store logo.

Step-10 You will see a Widow with some text in Chinese and a Blue button. Pres it.

Step-11 Now all your GApps will be downloaded by this. Press Confirm to install when prompted. If you see any tips from Nubia, simply ignore it.

Step-12 Restart your device now to integrate the changes.

Note: In case you face installation is prevented citing App from an unknown source, do this. Go to Settings > Apps and Notifications > Allow Apps from Unknown sources.

Well, the process is not over yet. We have to now convert the installed Google Apps to system Apps. Of course initially, Nubia X doesn’t come with pre-loaded Google Apps on the system.

Converting Google Apps to System Apps

Step-1 Open Link2SD > click on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step-2 Click on Search and type “Google”. You will see a number of applications as of now, we require only some of them. We will do this for Google Service Framework, Play Store, Play Service, Google Contacts Sync, Google Calendar Sync, and Google Account Manager.

Step-3 Click on the search result > Click on the three dots > Convert to system app > Confirm.

Step-4 Now after the conversion finishes, restart your device again. Click on the Link2SD menu > Reboot.

So, that’s it. If you have Nubia X and want to enjoy the Google Apps, then follow this guide. We hope it is useful for you.



  1. This is saving my life!
    I bought Nubia X and I need to use a lot of workarounds to make it work in the EU.
    I have a very good understanding of the PC and Mac OS but never rooted the phone.
    Do you think I can do it myself?

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