How to use iPhone X to track your health

Health is always the costliest wealth an individual has. When health is lost everything is lost is proverb with the perfect meaning. Getting track of your health is important in today’s world. The smartphone which evolved as the only gadget needed by man today can help you track your health too. The growth of smartphone into an important part of man’s everyday life can be witnessed by this feature. And the truths that most of the tracking will be done automatically and will help you stay fit and also will help you in emergency stages. This article will guide you through the ways you can use iPhone X to track your health.

The use of a smartphone in tracking health has been there for few years. There have been many third-party apps available for smartphones which will do this job. Apple is a company who does the best they can for its users and they knew the importance of an inbuilt app for tracking health. And Apple made available for all of its users an app named health. The health app available on iPhone X is more efficient than any other third-party available. By allowing multiple ways to keep track of your health, and at the same time having features which will help you in emergency cases, the app is a must use for all iPhone X users.

How to use iPhone X to track your health

Ways to use iPhone X to track your health

The health app available on iPhone X can do multiple help regarding your health. From tracking different movements you do to having a medical record. The ways to use the health app is given below.

Activating health app to track                                       

Health app when activated will track all of your movement. It will track the distance you walked, steps walked, cycled and a lot more like this. It will also help you in tracking your exercise progress. An Apple watch, when used with the app, can advance the level of tracking. The steps to activate health app on iPhone x are:

  1. Open the health app from iPhone X home screen
  2. This will lead you through simple steps
  3. Enter all your personal details
  4. This will take you to the screen with al data

Keeping a medical ID

The medical ID can be very helpful in case of emergencies. The medical ID will have all your medical based details like the blood group to any allergies you have. The steps to activate medical ID on health app are:

  1. Open the health app
  2. Tap on the medical ID which will be on the bottom right corner
  3. Click on the create medical ID button
  4. Enter all the details
  5. When finished click on done, which will be on the top right corner

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to use iPhone X to track your health. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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