How to Use OnePlus Face Unlock feature using Xposed App Lock

The OnePlus 5T is the latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus, and amongst the many interesting features brought by the device, Face Unlock is probably the most loved by users. In fact, remove the probability; users of the OnePlus 5T loved the feature so much that they demanded for it to be made available to other flagship smartphones from the company, and OnePlus promptly responded by bringing the  Face Unlock feature to the OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3. As expected, users want even more and wish to use the Face Unlock feature on the OxygenOS App Lock application. In this article, I’ll show you how to use OnePlus Face Unlock feature using Xposed App Lock.

Use OnePlus Face Unlock feature using Xposed App Lock
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Android users have always had the option to secure their devices with their face using the Trusted Face feature in Android, so unlocking smartphones using face recognition feature is not something that started with the OnePlus 5T in 2017. However, Face Unlock from OnePlus makes use of a proprietary software algorithm that is many times more effective than the corresponding default Android feature. Face Unlock is faster and more convenient to use, and it’s better at detecting when a real face and a photo are being used on it, thereby making it more secure to secure smartphones with the face. The issue of security is what has kept many Android users including me from using Trusted Face on Android for a long time, and it seems OnePlus has gotten it fairly right with Face Unlock.

The OxygenOS App Lock feature, on the other hand, allows you to secure your applications with a PIN or fingerprint lock. It works similar to the main phone unlock feature; you select the applications you want to lock and set a PIN for the feature, or choose to use your fingerprint if you want. Unlike Face Unlock, Applock is not exclusive to the OnePlus 5T as it has been around as long as OxygenOS has, and is therefore available on the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 as well by default. This saves OnePlus users the stress of having to install a separate app to perform this function.

The only ways to perform authentication on App Lock are PIN and fingerprint verification, but with the advent of Face Unlock people have been searching for ways to extend the feature for use on App Lock as well. If you’re among those that have been searching, you’re reading the right article. A developer with the moniker Cyl18 just created an open-source Xposed Module that can be used to extend the OnePlus Face Unlock feature to App Lock on the OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 5, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 3.


Once you meet the above requirements, you can use OnePlus Face Unlock on the App Lock feature. Read on to see how.

Use OnePlus Face Unlock Feature Using Xposed App Lock – The Process


  1. The Xposed module we’re going to use for this tweak is called OnePlus 5T Applock Tweaker. You can download and install it from the Xposed repository, or just search for the app in your Xposed Installer app and install it.
  2. Activate the module in Xposed Installer and reboot your phone.
    Activate OnePlus 5T Applock Tweaker Face Unlock Xposed Module
  3. Open the OnePlus 5T Applock Tweaker module (it will be installed as a regular application on your phone) and toggle the Face Unlock option on.
    OnePlus 5T Applock Tweaker Face Unlock
  4. Open your OxygenOS settings and activate the Face Unlock option.
    OnePlus OxygenOS Face Unlock
  5. Finally, activate the OxygenOS App Lock feature and choose the applications you wish to secure.
    OnePlus OxygenOS App Lock

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