Valorant Game-Breaking Glitch Creates DIY Gun Turret Using Cypher’s Spycam Ability

Valorant is an upcoming 5v5 free-to-play multiplayer game which is going through its initial beta stages. This game is developed by Riot Games and is set to come out officially in the summer of 2020. As we have already mentioned, Valorant game’s closed beta arrived on April 7 and it has created a ruckus among the games as it has a glitch or exploit that lets you use Cypher’s spycam ability to create a gun turret to kill the enemies from far. Moreover, it is not known whether this glitch is present in the game intentionally or it is a part of the beta. Gamers are dedicating their time in coming up with glitches and bugs and are also learning new tricks and strategies to master the game.

This gun turret bug is pretty hilarious and lethal at the same time. What basically happens here is, the player uses the in-game character Cypher’s ability to place the camera and switch onto their secondary weapon, the user tosses it on top of its remote camera and quickly switch over to the camera view allowing the player to shoot the enemies using the turret. Besides, if this is done right, the reproduction rate of the Cypher’s gun turret is almost 100%. With this help of this turret, players can remotely use Cypher’s gun turret to kill their opponents by shooting bullets. You should check out this video for more detail:

Interestingly, according to the gamers, it seems as though the exploit can be run in tandem with any pistol-type weapon and this glitch also gives the player unlimited ammo. This glitch has created quite a stir among the players of Valorant and has also made some of the players angry as there is an extra health advantage to players using the Cypher’s character. But, if this is due to the bug then, you will soon witness this glitch being fixed by Riot in the stable version or via a hotfix update. Let us know in the comments below if you also happen to have come across such glitches in the Valorant game and whether you tried this Cypher gun turret after reading this post?

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