Verizon Galaxy S3 Classic Software Update Timeline Tracker

Verizon is currently rolling out a new update for Galaxy S3 under the R775VVRU1CRL8 version number. This is an important update that brings the Tizen Operating System 4.0. Obviously, new features follow up with the latest Verizon Galaxy S3 Classic Software Update.

Galaxy S3 Classic Software Update

Latest software enables you to easily unlock the Galaxy S3 easily by rotating the bezel. There is no need to worry about typing the wrong pin as rotation unlock makes it fairly convenient. Also, now you can preview MMS in the notifications and reply back with new emojis. Yes..! there are new emojis available with step-up to TizenOS 4.0.

There are also enhancements to the DND feature. Now there are two new modes Theater and Goodnight Mode. Theater mode ensures a dark theme throughout the watch. Good Night mode keeps all kinds of notifications away except for alarms and system sounds. After the new update, you can record workouts one after the other. Also, you can view your workout results in one place. It also allows you to use various other Apps while on a call. You can open the calendar or any other App, by tapping the home key.

To download the new update from Verizon, go to the Galaxy Gear Wearable app on the Android phone you use. Tap on the Settings > About Watch> Tap Update now >Tap Download updates manually. From the ‘Update Gear software’ screen, tap on Install > tap OK.

To make things convenient for our readers, we have put up a timeline tracker for the Verizon Galaxy S3 Classic Software Update. It will provide complete info about all the software updates from the past and the present. So here we go.

Release Date         Software version                           Changelog
09/06/2020 R775VVRU1DTE1
  • Bixby helps you get tasks done easier. Start an exercise with specific goals or ask the time difference between your city and the one you will be traveling to.
  • You can now change the view for app layout and switch to apps in list view.
  • You now have an option to keep the screen on during workouts by enabling “Screen always on”.
  • You can now create laps by pressing the back key twice during a workout.
  • You can now check the battery level of connected earbuds from the Quick Panel of the watch. Supported earbuds include the latest Gaalxy Buds and Icon X.
  • View the battery level of the watch as it charges on the AOD screen.
02/01/2019 R775VVRU1CRL8 – Brings TizenOS 4.0
– New Emojis
-Preview MMS in notifications
-Use other features when on call
-Record workouts
-Enhanced DND with Theater and Goodnight mode
-Use bezels to navigate the device and zoom in the text.
09/06/2018 R775VVRU1BRG1


Users can answer or reject incoming calls by rotating the bezel on their Gear S3 in accessibility mode.
05/10/2018 R775VVRU1BRC


– Fixes battery drain issue
– Solves the bug that won’t let the device turn on
-Removes the “Telephone SIM activation” pop-up error message

So, if you need to get all timely updates on Galaxy S3, then stay tuned with us. Also, make sure to download the R775VVRU1CRL8 Verizon Galaxy S3 Classic Software Update and upgrade your device to TizenOS 4.0.

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