Verizon Moto E Prepaid Software Update | QPGS30.82-87-6


Motorola has been missing its target when it comes to launching new phones. The Motorola Edge+ was released earlier this year. Though it promised some good specs under the hood, the pricing of the device did not appeal to the masses. Besides, the fact that Motorola is not known for regular updates, is also one of the reasons why users prefer other brands. Carrier variants of the Motorola phones are also lagging behind in terms of updates. Fortunately for the Verizon Moto E users, a new update is live.

Notably, the new update bumps the security patch level to July 2020 and also brings some fixes for audio calibration and system stability. The update arrives with version number QPG30.82-87-1 and has been pushed via OTA for the Verizon Moto E Prepaid. Here is the complete information of the firmware along with the official changelog:

Verizon Moto E Prepaid

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  • Device Name: Verizon Moto E Prepaid
  • Security Version: July 2020
  • Release Date: 08/14/2020
  • Version Number: QPG30.82-87-1


Software Update Tracker:

QPGS30.82-87-6 Release date: 12/21/2020
Android™ Security Patch Level: December 2020
Software Version: QPGS30.82-87-6

What’s changing:

The current software update provides the most up to date Android Security Patches on your device.

QPGS30.82-87-4  Release date: 11/04/2020
Android Security Patch Level: October 2020
Software Version: QPGS30.82-87-4

What’s changing:

The current software update provides the most up to date Android security patches.



Release date: 10/08/2020
Android™ Security Patch Level: September 2020
Software Version: QPGS30.82-87-2

What’s changing:

The current software update provides the most up to date Android security patches.

  • Release date: 08/14/2020
  • Android™ Security Patch Level: July 2020

What’s changing:

  • Audio calibration
    • The software update provides a better user experience during calls.
  • Security
    • Current Android security patches.
  • Stability
    • Improved stability during the initial setup (for factory reset scenarios only).

Note that as always, the update is rolling out via OTA in batches and will take some time in hitting all the units. If you have not yet received the update then, you should head over to Settings>>About Phone>>System Updates and check for the update. If at all a new update is available then tap on it to install the latest update.

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