vivo NEX 3 Waterproof device with popup camera?

Vivo NEX 3 is out in the market and android enthusiasts are going crazy over it. Vivo NEX runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset with 8 GB of RAM. It’s an absolute powerhouse when it comes to gaming and other heavy mobile extensive tasks. However, due its high price range, customers do expect flagship features out of the box – such as waterproof design. Today, in this post, we will check out whether the new Vivo NEX is waterproof or not. So be ready for an extensive Vivo NEX waterproof test.

Vivo NEX series is a premium smartphone series by Vivo with extensive features. However, with the current smartphone market, more and more companies are trying to fill the gap between flagship and budget devices. Due to this, customers are now enjoying flagship features like a waterproof design in budget range devices. With a price tag of 50,000 in the Indian market, Vivo NEX sure comes with multiple flagship features. However, the most features which customers are concerned about is its waterproof design. So today, we will conduct a Vivo NEX waterproof test, to find out whether the new Vivo NEX is waterproof or not.

vivo NEX 3 Waterproof device with popup camera?

Vivo NEX 3 Waterproof device with popup camera?

The main attraction with Vivo NEX 3 is its popup camera design. More fascinating it is, but at the same time, it becomes pretty hard for smartphone manufacturers to waterproof seal such design. Because of h mechanical moving design, it is very possible for it to get damaged by water or dust particles. Not to mention, any accidental juice spill can damage the camera module. So customers want to make it sure that the new Vivo NEX 3 is fully waterproof or not. Well, today you will find out in our Vivo NEX 3 waterproof test.

You will be little disappointed to know that there is no reliable information on the waterproof or splashproof design of the smartphone on the official company page. However, there are still chances that it is waterproof which we will cover in our waterproof test. But, it is safe to assume that the device might not be waterproof as it contains many mechanical moving parts which make waterproof a real challenge.

Do You Need A Waterproof Smartphone?

The demands of modern customers are increasing day by day. Taking care of that, Many smartphone companies are including their latest devices with splashproof and waterproof body designs. The earlier Vivo NEX device was also not waterproof, so maybe this time Vivo might add waterproof design to Vivo NEX 3 device.


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A waterproof smartphone can be really handy when you need o use your device in rainy weather, to talk or to play games while in shower. You can also enjoy underwater photography or videography etc. Or if you’re crazy enough, you can video call your friends while going for scuba diving. The possibilities are endless, but only if the new Vivo NEX 3 is properly waterproof and IP68 certified.

What’s New With Vivo NEX 3

Vivo NEX 3 is the upgraded version of last year NEX series smartphone. This time, Vivo is announcing some special features such as waterproof display, in-screen fingerprint scanner. Such features make this smartphone stand apart from others. It also comes with superfast 44W ultra-fast charging. Not to mention, the camera capabilities are redefined by the company with a watch face. Have a look at device specifications below:

Device Name Vivo NEX 3
Screen  6.89-inch (16.2cm) 1080×2256 pixels
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus
RAM/ROM 8 GB | 128 GB
Battery 4500 mAh battery with superfast charging
Primary Camera 64-megapixel + 13-megapixel + 13-megapixel
Waterproof rating None found!

Vivo NEX 3 Waterproof Test

Since the official website doesn’t contain any reliable info about the device waterproofing capabilities, so we are going to conduct our own test. However don’t keep any high hopes, since it is a budget smartphone there are very fewer chances of it being a proper waterproof device. Get ready for the Vivo NEX 3 waterproof test.


You are advised not to try to mimic this test at your home. We do not take responsibility for the authenticity of this test. This test is purely based on individual/team observation. This test will only give an idea of whether a device is waterproof or not. We recommend users not to try this test at home, as it might damage your device.

Vivo NEX 3 Splashproof Test

In this waterproof test, we are going to put the device in artificial rain condition. It will mimic the condition of an accidental water splash. This test will give us a rough idea of whether the new Vivo NEX 3 is splashproof or not.

Camera works
Screen screen damage
Speaker Little sound distortion

After conducting this test, we can say that this phone is not splashproof. So you must take proper care since nay accidental water or coffee splash can ruin the device and your sensitive data along with it. We strongly suggest you buy a waterproof or full body case for the device. Since Vivo NEX 3 is not officially waterproof, you must take proper care while sitting near water ponds, lakes, beaches and swimming pool.

Vivo NEX 3 Dustproof Test

In our dustproof test, we will keep the device in a sandy environment with lots of grain and sand particles with a running fan around it. This situation mimics dust storms and will check how the device holds in such conditions.

Camera dust in the camera module
Headphone jack works
I/O ports Little dust, but ports still work fine

As you can see from the test results above that the new Vivo NEX 3 is not fully dustproof. This is because it contains moving mechanical parts from the pop-up camera module which attracts dust particles.

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