VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition Review

Honor of Kings is a MOBA (Multiplayer online battle arena) tournament released by Tianmei Yiyou, a game development team under Tencent in 2015 and has rapidly grown in past two years. According to data from Superdata, Honor of Kings is now the most profitable mobile game in the world with a revenue reaching $150 million in June alone. There are two reasons why this game has become a phenomenon-level mobile game. First, it is a unique game mode. Though there are myriads of MOBA tournaments, Tencent is an influencer in the market. So when it came in with a quality game, this game could win players’ hearts with no difficulties. Second, this game doesn’t require much money when playing. So you can pass through ‘many worlds’ with no ‘buy this’ prompts. As a result, too many players began playing it.

VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition

Honor of Kings is a mobile game. So a cooperation with a mobile phone brand is inevitable. Tencent’s official co-brand is VIVO. The best phone of this company is the VIVO X20. It comes with a full-screen design, dual-camera on the back and other high-end features. But this device also comes with a deeply optimized software to provide smoother playing. Honor of Kings is very popular in the western market. So it should help the VIVO X20 in selling more.

VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition

According to Sino Oceans, the VIVO X20 had become the best-selling product offline after the second week of its launch. Among all the models including full-screen smartphones, the X20 showcases the best sales.

VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition


Recently, Honor of Kings celebrated its second anniversary. VIVO was one of the most important guests at the event. And those companies jointly introduced a new smartphone dubbed the VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition priced at 3498 yuan ($529). As the name suggests, this phone has been designed based on the original model. But there are some differences such as an increased 2GB of RAM, the overall appearance, and the game optimization.

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VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition Appearance

As we are dealing with a limited edition, there is only one variant with a 6+64GB memory combination.

The packaging comes with the game logo on the front.


The back carries an important information concerning the manufacturer as well as the phone.


Once the box is opened we can see the message of ‘Honor of Kings Anniversary Limited Edition’.


The phone sports a 6.01-inch screen with a much-popular 18:9 aspect ratio. Thus this giant screen is put on a body that regularly carries a 5.5-inch screen. Thanks to it the VIVO X20 is very comfortable to play games when holding horizontally.


A LED indicator, camera sensor, speaker, and a soft light are located above the screen.



As you can see from photos, the phone UI has been deeply customized using a game-style design.


The chin is blank because the phone uses three virtual keys placed on the display. As a result, the latter accounts for 85.3%.


The back of the phone is made using two colors of black and white. The overall design resembles to the V (victory) symbol.


As you can guess, the body is made of metal like the original model providing a smooth and delicate feeling when hold. Though the back panel is made of two parts, the build quality is at the highest level. So you won’t see the line between them.


The bottom side carries a headphone jack, micro USB port, a microphone hole, and a speaker.


The top side is almost blank with a single hole for noise cancellation.


The power button and the volume rocker are on the right.


On the opposite side, we can find the SIM card slot supporting dual Nano-SIM.


The box also includes half-ear headphones and a 5V/4.5A charger.


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VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition Performance

In order to enhance the fluency of the game, the VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition comes with an upgraded 6GB memory. So as the system allocates more resources during the whole gaming process, the overall CPU performance has been improved a lot. That’s why this anniversary edition was compared with the ordinary variant to learn the state of improvements.


This edition scores about 120K at AnTuTu due to the Snapdragon 660 super mid-range chip.


When looking at the multi-core test we can see the Snapdragon 660 performs way better than the previous-gen Snapdragon 820.


In comparison to the Snapdragon 653 the SND660 scores 3 times more.


At PCMark, the VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition with its SND660 chip scores around 6219, which is almost identical to the Huawei P10.


As the phone is packed with an eMMC flash storage, the continuous read speed is 300MB/s.

[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 64074″ link=”lightbox” width=”150″ height=”150″]


Of course, it supports Honor of Kings’ highest mode. Most of the time the performance was stable with 50fps.

VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition Camera

The main camera placed on the back uses a 24MP sensor supporting full pixel dual-core focus and a 5MP sensor. The front shooter uses another 24MP camera. So we can state there is no difference between this and the ordinary model. So let’s just take a quick look at some samples to recall what kind of shooting performance it provides.

VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition Battery

Smartphones with large screens require a larger capacity battery. Plus, those phones should come with system optimization to consume less. The VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition comes with a 3245mAh battery as well as a 9V2A fast charging head supporting 18W.


PCMark Battery Life Test

The benchmark shows 10 hours and 1 minute endurance. So the performance is very good showcasing an identical result to the Xiaomi Mi 6.

Online Video Playback Test

When we started this test the volume was at 40%, the brightness was at 50%, and the remaining power was 68%. After 30 minutes the remaining power was 62%. So a simple calculation shows we can watch videos online for 9 hours.

Gaming Test

When tested for gaming we used Honor of Kings, of course. The remaining power was 76%. After 30 minutes, the power reduced to 63%. Thus you can play games for 5 hours.


As the test showed, the VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition fully charges in 80 minutes. This is a great result, but it’s more interesting to see it reaches 62% of power after 30 minutes.

Wrap Up

The VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition is a perfect choice for games when it comes to both appearance and performance. But we should also remember the VIVO X20 comes with all the latest and trendies features with high demand. In this sense, we can state the VIVO X20 Honor of Kings Limited Edition will help Tencent to become even more popular, and the opposite.

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