Vivo X20 Plus Review: The Best Vivo Phone Till The Date

Vivo was one of the first manufacturers that understood Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 had begun a new era in the smartphones history. With the launch of the aforementioned phone, we entered the era of full-screen smartphones. Thus this is the most demanded feature of any handset. The full-screen increases the display size, but the overall phone size remains unchanged. This brings a new experience to the smartphones users. And this statement refers not only to the appearance but the viewing experience as well. The Vivo X20 and its sibling the Vivo X20 Plus were announced at the same event. The regular model costs 2298 yuan ($347), while the X20 Plus is priced at 3498 yuan ($529). As the name suggests, the most obvious difference between these phones is the body/screen size. But actually, there are other differences as well. Say, the X20 Plus is packed with a 3905mAh battery, which is 20.3% larger than the one found in the Vivo X20. Apart from this, it comes with a built-in independent DSP image chip to capture clearer photos. As you understand, there are some other differences between these two devices. So let’s get into details and find out the key features of the Vivo X20 Plus and its differences in comparison to the Vivo X20 and other full-screen smartphones.

Vivo X20 Plus Appearance

First, there are three color options to choose from – matte black, rose gold, and gold. Thus the manufacturer didn’t play with colors and came in with the most common colors. However, we think the most attractive one is the matte black Vivo X20 Plus.

The phone comes in a white square-shaped packaging. In front, it carries a few important info such as the phone’s name. Plus, on the right bottom corner, we can see the official logo of Russia 2018, which simply indicates this company is FIFA’s official smartphone sponsor till 2022. Thus it’s FIFA’s official smartphone brand in the FIFA World Cup 2018 and 2022.

Vivo X20 Plus

The back of the box carries some important information about the phone’s features as well as the manufacturer.

Vivo X20 Plus


Inside the box, we can find the device itself and a regular set of accessories neatly folded.

Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus

The front side of the Vivo X20 Plus carries a 6.43-inch full-screen.

Vivo X20 Plus


The speaker, sensors, front flashlight, and the front camera are placed above the screen. Almost all high-end Android full-screen smartphones support facial recognition feature. The Vivo X20 Plus is no exception. It uses a built-in facial recognition option and is capable of instantly detecting 128 facial features. As you guess, this system works through the front-facing camera. So this is at the software level only.

The chin is the same size as the forehead, but there is nothing placed in this area.


Vivo X20 Plus

According to the official data, the Vivo X20 Plus’ screen accounts for 86.11% of the front panel. Thus it yields the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 only by 2.7%. The latter comes with a screen occupying 88.88% of the front.

The back of the Vivo X20 Plus has been made with a minimalistic approach. It uses a metal body with an injection molding, but it’s a 3D curved body. The back is seamless that provides a greats sense of grip. So though we are dealing with a monster-sized smartphone, it’s ideal for single-hand operations. Though if you have too little palms, most likely you will need both hands to interact with this phone. Because of the full-screen design, the fingerprint scanner is on the back.

Vivo X20 Plus

The overall touch feeling of the back is amazing. Despite the protruding camera, the rear panel provides soft and delicate touch experience due to the new generation of nano-injection and ultra-fine zircon sand spraying process. However, the company still uses the traditional double-U-shaped antenna design.


Vivo X20 Plus

As for holes, keys, and interfaces, the headphone jack is on the bottom along with the microphone hold, micro-USB interface, and speaker.

Vivo X20 Plus

The top of the device carries only a microphone hole for noise cancellation.

Vivo X20 Plus

The power button and the volume rocker are on the right side.

Vivo X20 Plus

The SIM card tray is on the left. It supports dual-Nano-SIM car slot.

Vivo X20 Plus

Vivo X20 Plus

The XE680 model comes with half-in-ear headphones.

Vivo X20 Plus

The box also includes a 5V / 4.5A charger, which provides a low-voltage and high-speed charging. Thus the temperature control is at the highest level.

Vivo X20 Plus

Vivo X20 Plus Performance

This is not a top-notch smartphone. Thus you won’t find a Snapdragon 835 chip there. But the Vivo X20 Plus is equipped with a Snapdragon 660, which is considered to be the best option for the super mid-range market. Thus it comes our way from a mid-range 6-series, but it’s very close to the high-end SoCs in terms of performance.

This is the direct descendant of the Snapdragon 653 with a 20% -30% increase in performance, an addition of the Spectra ISP image processor found on the 8-series flagships, and a 14nm process node that dramatically reduces power consumption. This model is also packed with a 4GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM. Let’s take a glance at the benchmark scores.


As we can see, the Vivo X20 Plus scores about 120K at AnTuTu. It’s identical to Qualcomm’s 8-series results. But in comparison to the Snapdragon 653 and 625, its performance overtakes by 30-50%.

Vivo X20 Plus


The single-core test score is 1622, which doesn’t differ from previous models much. But when it comes to the multi-core results, the Snapdragon 660 showcases astonishing scores.

Vivo X20 Plus


Vivo X20 Plus


This test shows the Vivo X20 Plus provides almost the same performance as the Huawei Mate 9 Pro.

Vivo X20 Plus


The continuous read speed is about 300mb/s.

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We tested it by playing the King of Glory, and we have to say this is one of the best Android phones to play this game. Obviously, it provides great gaming performance in the highest frame mode.

Vivo X20 Plus Camera

Dual-camera modules can be found on any Chinese smartphone. So it’s quite reasonable to see it in this model too. The Vivo X20 Plus sports a dual-camera using a 12MP (full pixel dual-core focus) and 5MP sensors. The larger sensor can be interpolated to 24MP one. The phone has also got a separate DSP image chip with a 256Mb independent RAM. So the capturing process is way faster. As for the DCP chip, its main function is to allow the phone to shoot multiple photos in a lossless format simultaneously. Those photos will be collected in one via the DSP chip, and the ISP will out the final photo in JPEG format. This function mainly works at low-light conditions. When you are in a dark environment, the DCP chip will automatically turn on to be able of adjusting the light of each photo when shooting. As a result, you will get clearer and noiseless photos.

Vivo X20 Plus

Daytime Photos

Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus

Nighttime photos

Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus Vivo X20 Plus

Vivo X20 Plus

As for the front-facing camera, the Vivo X20 Plus sports a 12MP, which supports a beautify option. Though this feature works satisfactory, there is still much work to be done.

Vivo X20 Plus

Vivo X20 Plus Battery

The original Vivo X20 is packed with a 3245mAh battery. It should be sufficient for this phone. But the X20 Plus sports a larger display. Thus it requires a larger capacity battery. Moreover, unlike the X20’s 18W charging, this one comes with a 22W charging.

PCMark battery life test

This benchmark shows the Vivo X20 Plus can provide up to 11 hours of heavy use. This is identical to the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4, which is known for its long endurance. As for the smaller X20, it provides 8 hours and 50 minutes of battery life, but we remember its battery is smaller by 700mA.

Vivo X20 Plus

Online video test

To test the phone for this purpose we set the volume at 40% and the brightness at 50% and played a video at a remaining power of 64%. After 30 minutes of an online video playback, the power reduced to 59%. Thus the Vivo X20 Plus is capable of providing up to 10 hours of video playback on a single charge.

Game test

We played King of Glory when the remaining power was 75%. After 30 minutes it dropped to 66%. So a simple calculation shows it can provide up to 5 hours of gaming.


The phone comes with a 5V4.5A 22W fast charge head. We testing the charging when the power was 0%. It took 95 minutes to charge the phone fully. But as the chart below shows, the device reaches 50% of charging in 30 minutes only.

Vivo X20 Plus

Final Words

Many think the Vivo X20 Plus is the larger variant of the original X20 without any changes. But there are real differences between these devices. Some of them we have already taken a look at. The rest of differences concern the HiFi chip. The larger model comes with an ES9318 DAC + amp 2-in-1 chip, while the Vivo X20 comes with an AK4376A. As you understand, the former one is way stronger.

Well, the selling points of the Vivo X20 Plus should be considered to be the appearance, performance, camera, and battery. As there are too many selling points and the performance is quite respectable, we can say this is the best Vivo phone yet.

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