Warzone 2 DMZ Acquire Stronghold Keycard Guide

In November 2022, Call of Duty Warzone released a successor called Warzone 2.0, where developers added exciting brand-new maps, modes, and more. The DMZ is one of the most popular modes, with Operator squads having free reign to complete faction-based missions, and here players need to be more focused.

However, during the launch, developers showcased everything about Warzone 2.0. Additionally, they mentioned the same thing in their patch notes too. Warzone 2.0 has created such hype that even players who have never played COD have joined. Here we will discuss everything about the DMZ.

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Warzone 2 DMZ Acquire Stronghold Keycard Guide

Before the final launch, we agreed Call of Duty would release their upcoming game patch notes, where they would reveal everything about it. Our solution was to introduce DMZ, an in-game mode that provides the player an accessible environment to complete in-game challenges. That’s the reason DMZ made a long hype in the game.

The DMZ stands for the dematerialized zone, where players must focus on looting and accomplishing objectives rather than being the last man standing. With this mode, Warzone 2.0 took inspiration from Escape From Rainbow Six Extract and created an adventure-filled mode. However, it is not the same; DMZ has more thrill.

DMZ mode has a long lineup of missions where players gain experience for completing them. To complete the different missions, players need to drive a vehicle and talk to enemies to achieve the different missions. And every mission has a dedicated reward. But for competing in DMZ mode, you need a Stronghold keycard.


You may not be necessary to ask for DMZ keycard suggestions or recommendations if you are an avid Warzone player. Nonetheless, as we have already mentioned, many new players are joining Warzone. To make it easier for such players, we have listed below the most convenient ways to obtain a Stronghold keycard.

How do I get the Stronghold Keycard in Warzone 2.0?

For DMZ mode, there are numerous ways to get a Stronghold keycard. One of the most viable options is to purchase it for $5,000. But I know not every player has the money to spend on these things. Such players can loot stronghold keycards from players with stronghold keycards by taking them down.

Another way to get Stronghold Keycards is to camp out at strongholds. If you find enemy players coming towards it, organize a fight with them and take them down. The reason for being here is the high probability that such an enemy has a keycard. So if you believe you can fight against that enemy, go for it.


In Warzone, several AI guards are patrolling around strongholds. You have to take down multiple guards to get the keycard here. Look at the map and head to where Stronghold appears. Now fight the guards and kill them. After you’re done, go inside and collect your keycard.

You can grab Stronghold keycards differently and rock in DMZ mode. However, if you have your strategy, you must follow it first. But if you encounter any difficulties, you can follow this guide. So, here we sum up, and if there is a question, ask it in the comment below.

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