Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ Chemical Storage Warehouse Key Location Guide

Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ mode could be the most significant update ever, with the brand new DMZ mode, which is a concept out of the box instead of mundane updates and generic FPS gameplay.

Did you know? The DMZ mode you are a fan of has its roots coming from trendsetter games like Escape from Tarkov and Rainbow six Extraction! Cool right?

DMZ mode in Warzone 2.0 is where you can complete objectives and loot buildings while battling to be the last one standing. While in DMZ mode, you will be dropped on the map of Al Mazrah. Post looting or completing objectives, if you feel like leaving, you can call a chopper and later carry the loot and XP. Unlike Battle Royale, you will face more AI bots and fewer real players.

But if you are killed in action, the loot will be forever lost. DMZ is the most preferred way of gaining XP and upgrading your weapons for further in-game use. The map Al Mazrah has around 100 keys to different locations just waiting to be found.

Talking about loot and rewards, there are many keys in the game which you will find while looting enemies, places and containers. These keys can be used to access new areas where you can find rare loot, one such rare and easy loot would be the Chemical Storage Warehouse.

What is Chemical Storage Warehouse?


It is a locked warehouse located south of Al Safwa Quarry; it is well known for the rare loot that players can access post unlocking the door with a Chemical Storage Warehouse key.

Where to find the Key?

  • Finding the key is not hard, but it could be time-consuming, though! To find the key, you must loot all the enemies and containers you come across in-game.
  • Another way to get the key is by looting AI drops, looting every enemy/NPC you kill.
  • Complete the HVT contract mission.

Where to find the Chemical Storage Warehouse?

Once you’ve found the key, open up your tac-map, locate the coordinate B4 in Map, and head to the location.

The Chemical Storage warehouse is located in the south of Al Safwa Quarry. The exact location would be north of the Hafid Port and south of the Al Safwa Quarry. The exact coordinates are B4. The door of the Warehouse has a big visible white spray-painted X.

If you don’t want to get ambushed, choose the southern way to the warehouse via the road. Post reaching the location, you will need to kill and loot all the AI bots guarding the place

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