Warzone 2 DMZ Eliminate HTV Contract Guide

In the Warzone 2 DMZ Mode, new missions are added daily. The players love to play them so that they can get some exciting rewards. Recently, the players are trying to complete a new mission which is the “HTV Contract”. The players are playing the game consistently to find a way to complete this mission. Still, after a lot of trying, they cannot figure out what they have to do.

To help the players from this situation, we are here with this guide where we will guide everything about completing HTV Contract. In this guide, we will list the steps through which you can easily understand how you will complete the HTV Contract mission. Continue reading this guide till the end to know more about it.


What is HTV Contract Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ?

The players will need to complete the HTV Contract Mission to complete tier 2 missions for Legion Faction. When the players have completed the HTV Contract, then the players will be able to complete the tier 2 missions.

The HTV Contract Mission is divided into three parts. The first is to complete and eliminate HTV Contract. The second one is that they must loot the key. And the last one is that they must use the key to open a locked space. After reading the mission into divided parts, you must be thinking that it is very simple to complete. But actually, it is not. The mission is very tricky and a lot of players have failed to complete it. Keep on scrolling down to know how can you complete this mission in Warzone 2 DMZ.

How To Complete HTV Contract Mission in Warzone 2 DMZ

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To complete the HTV Contract Mission, the players will need to follow some steps which are given below. The mission will start only after you find the phone. So, follow the steps which are given below to complete the HTV Contract Mission.

  • First of all, you will need to reach the location which is being shown on the map.
  • Now, you will need to find the phone, so that you can start the mission. Generally, the players were able to find it on First Couch which is just after entering the building.
  • Once you have got the phone, then see the phone and go to the location which is being shown on it.
  • When you will reach the location, then there you will find enemies. You have to kill them all. Once you have killed the enemies, then one of them will drop the key to the locked space.
  • Now, you will have to use the key to unlock the locked space.
  • That’s it, you are done.

Wrapping Up

DMZ Mode in Warzone 2 is bringing some great missions that the players are loving badly. The missions are difficult, but the players are completing them to get some cool rewards. The HTV Contract Mission was also difficult, but we have explained it in a very ideal way through which you will be able to complete the mission easily. Follow the steps properly and complete the mission to get your exciting rewards.

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