All Phone Locations in Warzone Map: Find Activation Phones

The free-to-play battle royale game from Infinity Ward, Raven Software and Activision Call of Duty: Warzone was released on the 10th of March 2020 for all the major platforms including PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. Although it was meant to be a part of the 2019 game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, however, it can be obtained independently of the same. The game features online multiplayer combat among 150 players, in the setting of the fictional city of Verdansk. The game received largely positive reviews from critics and boasted of over 60 million downloads within two months of its release.

The recent Update 1.21 saw Access Cards returning to the map. This lets players open certain Bunkers all across the map. However, all eyes are on Bunker 11 now. Mysterious and forbidding, the bunker seems to lead to an interesting Easter egg revolving around a nuclear bomb. Although other Bunkers you see on the map can be opened using Access Cards taken from Chests, Bunker 11 is based around Activation Phones distributed across Verdansk that can play both hidden messages and Morse Code segments. You require both of these Phone types to get inside Bunker 11. We have got you a handy guide that can use to open Bunker 11 by using Activation phones distributed all around the map in Warzone.

All Phone Locations in Warzone Map: Find Activation Phones
Phone Locations

The Hidden Activation Phone Locations in Warzone Map

First of all, you need to locate Bunker 11. It is present northwest of the Military Base, clearly marked on the map below. After that, it’s time to search for the hidden phones. The first of phone you need to locate is a one that plays a message in Russian followed by a unique chiming tune, and a small list of three Russian numbers. Bear in mind that the phone that plays this unique message is variable for every match, and the numbers in the code are different as well. That being said, you will know this special message when you hear it. Now when you hear the dial tone, move on to the next location.

The phones most likely to play the hidden code are listed below:

Phone 1: To the North of Lumber, in the vacant building on a desk.

Phone 2: In the Lozoff area, in the bank on a desk.


Phone 3: In a fire station to the North-West of the military base.

Phone 4: In a scrapyard building in the southern section of Boneyard.

Phone 5: In the air traffic control tower in Downtown. You’ll see the phone laying on a desk on going down a few floors.

Phone 6: In a section of the Gora Dam


Phone 7: In the Lozoff Pass area, just south of the military base.

At least one of these phones will hopefully play out the secret message. If it doesn’t work, then enter another match and retry the process. Pay close attention to the three numbers spoken out after the chime. We have listed them here alongside their English phonetic equivalents:

0: nol’



1: A-deen

2: Dva

3: Tree

4: Chye-tir-ye

5: Pyat

6: Shest

7: Syem

8: Vo-syem

9: dyev-yat.

After you have obtained the three numbers in the message, it’s time to return to phones that correspond to those numbers.

Morse Code Phone Locations

We have listed the phones that correspond to each number mentioned above.

Phone 0: You will find it on the second floor of a building on the military base.

Phone 1: On the very first floor of the Downtown bank.

Phone 2: In the Lozoff Pass area, north of the TV Station.

Phone 3: In the Quarry mining area.

Phone 4: In a police station situated to the north of Lumber, on the second floor.

Phone 5: At the TV Station, in one of the side rooms.

Phone 6: At the airport, in the tower to the left.

Phone 7:  It is in the basement of the airport, in the nearby luggage area.

Phone 8: In the reception of Verdansk Hospital.

Phone 9: It is in the upper area of the Gora dam.

After you access the above mentioned Morse Phones in the correct order, you will be able to interact with the Bunker 11 Keypad. Open it up with your Number Station Code. You’ll find a special MP5 Blueprint, screens that could potentially lead to additional Easter egg confrontations and a crawlspace with a large red button that, when pushed, reveals your adulthood by going up in a huge mushroom cloud of fire. We will be updating this section as we get more details.

This guide was to help the players of Call of Duty: Warzone to find them Activation phones. So this was all that we had. We hope our guide helps you locate all the phones and save the day in Warzone. If you think this guide helped you, we have more for with us go and check out our latest iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricksGames and Android Tips, and Tricks. Moreover, you may also subscribe to our very own YouTube Channel and participate in the $150 giveaway contest. However, if you have any queries or feedback, do comment down below with your name and e-mail ID. Happy gaming!

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