What is Faction locked chest in Fortnite? How to Open it?

The Doomsday event is right around the corner in Fortnite. And before the end of Season 2, the new Fortnite 12.61 update has brought a bunch of new challenges for players to keep themselves engrossed in. Completing the challenges and missions will allow players to gain more XP before the end of Season 2. Amongst the new challenges, the challenge to unlock Faction locked chests in Fortnite can be a tiny bit confusing.

To help you complete the challenge, we will show you how to open the Faction-locked chest in Fortnite. Moreover, we will also explain what a Faction locked chest is and where you can find these chests in the game. Fortunately, the challenge is fairly easy and you might be able to complete it within a couple of matches.


What is a Faction locked chest in Fortnite?

With the recent update, players now have a challenge to unlock a Faction locked chests. After completing the challenge, you will receive a special Steel Shadow pickaxe. These chests are spawned across the map in three separate spy bases. The chests are easy to spot once you reach the locations which are mentioned below. However, the catch is that you cannot open the chests straightaway. So before we proceed to show the steps to open the Faction locked chests in Fortnite, let’s first take a look at the locations.

Location of Faction locked chests in Fortnite

The chests can be found in Spy Bases in the game. Thankfully, Spy Bases have been around since the beginning of season 2 and they are marked on the map. Thus, finding the Spy Bases is a lot easier than finding the shadow safe houses to complete the mission to eliminate Henchmen. Here are the locations of the Faction locked chests in Fortnite:

Faction locked chests in Fortnite

  • The Yacht
  • The Grotto
  • The Shark
  • The Agency
  • The Rig

To complete the challenge, you need to unlock only three chests from any of these locations. Follow the instructions below to open these Factions locked chests.

How to open the chests?

Opening these chests isn’t as easy as opening any regular chest in the game. Once you reach either of the locations mentioned above, you need to take on the disguise of a Henchman. To do this, you have to enter the phone booth to disguise yourself.  Fortunately, the phone booths are located close to the Spy Bases. Once you have disguised yourself as a Henchman, you will be able to open the chests.

It’s also worth noting that it might take a couple of matches for you to be able to open all three chests. Moreover, you cannot visit the same Spy Base twice by starting a new match to unlock the chest. Nonetheless, the challenge is pretty straightforward and easy once you reach the Spy Base. And as we mentioned before, completing the challenge will reward you with the special Steel Shadow pickaxe.

With that said, we’re now at the end of the guide. We hope this guide helped you understand what is a Faction locked chest in Fortnite and how to open them.

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