WhatsApp To Bring Dark Mode in Upcoming Update

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world as it gives unlimited calls, texts and file sharing with just an internet run smartphone. That’s why WhatsApp is always busy trying to add updates to improve the user experience. The latest news is development is on full swing to add the Dark Mode feature to the most popular app. Generally, the dark mode by default is to be an already available essential feature of any app. Matter of fact, a while back even YouTube announced the release of dark mode for YouTube, that would make night view much easier.

Now, on the footpath of Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, WhatsApp has also begun developing the dark mode for their messaging app. According to WABetaInfo’s twitter, the dark mode will soon be available in the upcoming updates. Hope is it will be available for iPhone X, Android phones and newer devices and will be FULL OLED functional.

Apart from the fact that dark mode saves on battery, the OLED display also gets lesser push than on color screen, which will definitely be an improvement. And, of course for the late night chatters, a blessing for the eyes.

At the moment, it’s all just news and possibilities. Nevertheless, in the foreseeable future, the update is a definite entry. And since it’s going to be available on all devices, everyone is waiting eagerly.




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