How To Win The Animal Crossing Bug Off in New Horizons

Players in the Northern Hemisphere in Animal Crossing New Horizons are now met with something new in the game. The Bug Off event is here from June to September in the Northern Hemisphere, and from November to February in the Southern Hemisphere. Throughout the event, players are to catch as many bugs as they can for rewards from Flick that represent the event.

In this guide today, we’ll help you with everything regarding the Bug Off event in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We’ll dive deeper into this event as well as a formulated guide that’ll help you win this event. By reading the guide below, you’ll understand more of this concept. Without any further ado, let’s look at how to win the Animal Crossing Bug Off in New Horizons.

How To Win The Animal Crossing Bug Off in New Horizons

1. The Point System in Bug Off

The Bug Off challenge comes with random rewards and mighty bug-related relics called trophies. Each random prize from the Bug Off challenge requires 10 points to redeem, and you’ll get the trophies at 100, 200, and 300 points. Your goal is to accumulate as many bugs you can to reach the final trophy worth 300 points and win the Bugg off in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

To start a round of the Bug Off, simply go and talk to Flick. Each round will cost you 500 bells to start, though it is always free for first-timers. You get 1 point for every bug you catch and you’ll get a bonus 2 points for catching more than 3 bugs in a round. Upon reaching 10 points, you get to redeem the points for a random prize from Flick. Choosing to keep the points and getting 100, 200, or 300 will get you the trophies for the Bug Off challenge.

2. Winning the Bug Off in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If your goal is to win the Bug Off challenge in Animal Crossing New Horizons by getting your hands on the grand trophies, then you need to pave your way to 300 points. Apart from the most obvious tip, equipping a net, there are two other important things that you must take advantage of. One is that we’re catching bugs in the Bug Off, hence, our key is to let the bugs come to our island and find a home. You can do this by stumping up your island; destroy any fully grown trees so that the bugs will have a place to rest, and plant flowers on your island to attract the bugs. The second thing to do is gather up some of your friends and then start the Bug Off rounds.


Do these two things before you got up to Flick. One major advantage of playing the Bug Off rounds with friends is that you’ll get bonus points for taking part in the challenge with your party. By applying the two methods for the Bug Off in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is then only a matter of time for you to make your way up to 300 points and win the Bug Off. With that, we hope reading the guide above has brought some valuable information and help to you. Please let us know by commenting down below if you have any further queries regarding the same.

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