World of WarCraft Shadowlands | Best Covenant Armor Set

There are a number of tints available for Covenant Armor sets in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This includes new tints for Cloth and Plate Venthyr, plus all Necrolord sets. There are a total of sixteen armor sets and sixty-four tints. All of them have their own unique pros and cons.

The exact method to obtain each Covenant armor is still vague. It is also unknown if every tint can be acquired by players. However, it is worth taking a close look at the best covenant armor sets featured in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Our choices for the same are given below.

World of WarCraft Shadowlands | Best Covenant Armor Set

World of WarCraft Shadowlands | Best Covenant Armor Set


Venthyr Cloth

This is an amazingly cool set with four radically different colorations. Each of these sets provides a different colored glow to your eyes. There are two red ones with slightly different styles, a regal golden one and an outstanding blue one.

Necro Lord Leather

This is a rather quirky set. The asymmetric helmet, gloves, clawed boots, and shoulders make you look like a decrepit creature of sorts. The various set colors are pretty interesting as well. The stitching up the chest reminds one of the abomination factory. It fits the theme of the Necro Lord very well.

Kyrian Plate

This set is, to put it mildly, insane. Each of the color options – pure silver, bronze, dark purple, and gold is amazing. The set is symmetric but features fantastic animation as well.



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Night Fae Plate

This is a unique set that makes you look like a tree juggernaut! The coloring is pretty somber, but it really makes you look like a defender of Arden Weld. It goes well with the zone and trees.

Necro Lord Plate

This is a heavy-looking set that does justice to the Necro Lord lore. In fact, it would fit a guard outside the covenant sanctum well. There seems to be some hardcore animation featured around the shoulders and helmet. That makes you look like the crypt keeper of the Necro Lord. The colorations and belts are, again, a little nondescript.


Necro Lord Cloth

This is a rather unusual entry with tentacle-like appendages. That makes it appear as if you are part of Anub’arak’s crew. It also features rather menacing horns and eyebrows which make your eyes glow green. The flowing robes are a bit of a mismatch once again.

Venthyr Leather

This is a cool set that comes in a range of different colorations. The purple shade in particular goes well with Venthyr’s characteristic vampire theme. The golden-and-red version has visceral-looking spikes.

Kyrian Mail

This is a distinctly cool set that closely resembles leather, except that it has a more metallic, heavy look. There are only two color variations – gold and dark purple, but they are amazing.

Venthyr Mail

This is a very good set indeed. The different color options are appreciable and the candles on the shoulder give it a striking look. The belts and knee pads are slightly awkward, but the helmet looks incredible. The glowing eyes and powerful shoulders are appealing as well.


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Kyrian Cloth

This is a pretty typical cloth set. The dark set with the blue glow through the shoulders is especially cool. The helmet resembles a typical priest’s cloth helmet. The flowing robes are a bit out of place here. Most of the colors seen here have already been featured in Bastion.

Kyrian Leather

This is a typical armory set for leather. The feet are clawed and look quite unique. The coloration and styling, however, is pretty typical of other sets in the game.

Night Fae Leather

This is a pretty quirky set as well. It features tree branches, leaves, and butterflies, giving a natural look to it. The structure of the helmet, however, does not really give off a vibe of leather.

Venthyr Plate

This set with prominently features gargoyles on the shoulders. It makes you look like a powerful juggernaut. The different color options are all pretty interesting. However, the rest of its features are not really distinct enough.


Night Fae Cloth

This set is rather disappointing. The antlers, sandals and thick masks make you look like a druid. The bare arms and gloves make up for that somewhat.

Necro Mail

This set has proven to be quite popular among fans. The helmet in particular has a cool look. The glowing eyes and asymmetric shoulders give it a powerful look. It would go well with hunters and shamans. The gloves and boots, however, aren’t particularly special.

Night Fae Mail


This leather-like set almost gives you the bulky appearance of an elk. The horns, shoulders, and root-like belts are interesting. However, the rest of the set does not have any particularly striking highlights.

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Well, these are all the best Covenant Armor Sets available in the War of Warcraft: Shadowlands. We hope this guide helps you choose the best of them. For more gaming updates, subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Also, check out our Gaming GuidesWindows GuidesSocial Media GuidesiPhone, and Android Guides to know more.

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