Common Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro Problems and Fixes – Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, SIM, and More

Lives of modern people have become so comfortable with the introduction of technology. However, the overall responsibilities people have to bear have also increased. They are important and reflect the loyalty and sincerity of a person. Despite making several efforts, many people fail to accomplish them. Yes, it usually happens. There are situations that become daunting and sometimes we have to compromise with relationships with other people just because not accomplishing all the responsibilities on time. Those facing this issue can actually take the advantage of a smartphone in the present time. Of course, a phone can help accomplishing various responsibilities in no time and just by making a few clicks only. One of the trusted phones that can help you in this matter is Xiaomi Mi 8 pro. Here in this post, we have listed all the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems and fixes.

Xiaomi presently bears an excellent reputation in the international Smartphone market. You might be wondering to know why their phones have common issues in them in this is the case. Well, the fact is these problems are pretty common. Their origination or presence in any modern smartphone is not always necessary to be the fault of the manufacturer. They declare their presence due to many other reasons. Some minor bugs in almost every version of Android and the apps present on the Play Store are the top reasons that why most of these gadgets have to face the common issues. In addition to this, it depends on the way someone makes use of his/her smartphone. Knowing about the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems simply boost your knowledge about this.

Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems

Reasons to buy Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro

Xiaomi devices are being trusted with closed eyes in many parts of the world these days. This is primarily because they have enabled everyone to get the best features in their phone without investing a lot of money. It is very much true that they always provide the latest features in their gadgets without boosting their overall cost. When it comes to Mi 8 pro, there are certain things that are amazing. You can simply enjoy the best available hardware configuration, support, features as well as whole new opportunities to utilize the features as per your own skills if you are a developer. Go ahead now to access the useful information of common Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems and fixes.

Common Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems and fixes

When it comes to dealing with any kind of problem in a smartphone, the access to the right information and the guide is very essential. In this post, the information present can easily be trusted for the long run. It is still worth mentioning here that the quality of outcome you will get after following this guide depends upon a certain number of factors. You need to make sure all the information is to be followed in the manner you read the same. Changing it or skipping anything may cause additional problems in the phone. takes no responsibility and only you will be liable for the same.

MicroSD card not detected in the phone

The following are the methods which you can consider to get the favorable fortune in this matter

  • Make sure there is no physical damage on the memory card or on the slot in your phone
  • Check in case the data present in the memory card is corrupt
  • Remove all the restrictions from the phone that can be the reason to this issue
  • Check the compatibility of the phone with the memory card before using
  • Make sure the data present on the card is readable and is not hidden
  • There are chances of having manufacturing defects in the card. Try using it on another phone
  • Simply make sure your phone doesn’t have a physical or a liquid damaged caused recently.
  • Insert the SD card properly in the phone and restart the same
  • Format the card and then again insert it in the phone

Connectivity issues

The first and the foremost, it is necessary to deal with the connectivity issues before dealing with others in case your phone has multiple problems. This is because dealing with the connectivity problems makes it simple to avoid other issues in the phone. Here is the useful information on the subject to help you simply

Bluetooth connectivity issues

  • You should first check if the power saving mode is turned ON in your Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro. This can be the reason you are facing the problem. Disable it and restart your phone
  • Check if the issue is actually related to the quality/format or the compatibility of the data you are sharing
  • It is worth mentioning here that you need to erase the list of recently connected devices from the phone as there is always a limit on the total number of names your Smartphone can remember
  • Check if the Bluetooth app in the phone is causing the problem. Sometimes the OS bugs can also be held responsible. Update if  a new version is available
  • Make sure that no damage has been caused to the Bluetooth antenna in the phone
  • The problem can be there in your Mi 8 Pro due to another hardware fault
  • Erase the name of devices from the Bluetooth list and again pair it with your phone. Check if things are not in your favor
  • Simply check and make sure that the files you are sending are not more than 10 in one go. It would be good if you keep the size under 100 MB in one go
  • Make sure the sufficient storage space is available in the transmitting and the receiving device
  • Check if the problem is associated with the Bluetooth user policies
  • It is important to remove all; the restrictions from the phone imposed on its communication for the better use of Bluetooth

Wi-Fi connectivity issues

  • First, you should close all the apps running in the background. This is important because there are chances that any other app is accessing the Wi-Fi at the same time. Apps often have permissions given to them by you to access additional features
  • Make sure the problem is not there in your modem. Check the overall number of devices it ca host, the configuration errors, the cable connection, as well as the other issues in the same
  • The domain you are trying to access/open might be suffering from network downtime
  • The suspension or temporarily unavailability of the services from your connection can also be the reason for this issue. Check simply
  • Make sure your phone is actually not facing any fault in its Wi-Fi antenna
  • You might have already used the entire bandwidth allotted to you
  • Check in case the problem is associated with not fulfilling the requirements of connecting to a network. Sometimes just entering the password is not enough. Consult with the network administrator
  • Make sure the problem you are facing is not due to bugs in Wi-Fi drivers or their improper functionality
  • Check in case the problem can easily be solved simply with a restart
  • Sometimes the phone is simply not compatible or designed to operate with the network. Check specifications to know more about the same
  • You are always recommended to run the LAN settings in the recommended manner only. Don’t change them

Overheating problems

The overheating-related Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems may not always easy for the users to understand. Below are some of the common reasons along with the solutions.

  • Check in case the phone apps are causing this problem
  • Simply make sure to disable all the features which are turned ON unnecessarily and the apps that are running without use
  • Make sure to charge your phone only through the recommended procedure
  • There might be a lot of games installed in your phone
  • Improper or no ventilation in the phone can also cause this problem
  • The phone apps might not be updated for a long time. Check it
  • Avoid performing multitasking while charging the phone or while downloading internet data
  • You might have connected your phone with another device such as a PC , another phone, a power bank or any other gadget
  • Get the phone checked properly if the problem still remains present

Doesn’t recognize Windows PC

This usually happens when there is a problem in any of the device or in the both. Below are some of the methods to help you in this matter.

  • Check the working condition of the cable you are using. Make sure the same is compatible too with the phone and the computer
  • It is always recommended to select the proper mode on the phone as per the task you are going to perform
  • Simply make sure the problem is not there just because the connection has not been created due to any random reason
  • Check if the problem can be solved upon restarting your phone or the PC
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because of security related concerns. Check if the violation to the security policies has been caused
  • Check if all the important drivers are present in the phone and the PC
  • You cannot connect your phone with multiple devices at the same time. Disable any other connection if the same is active
  • Check all the data related bugs and errors that may cause this problem

Apps not functioning properly

There are certain things you need to be careful about while dealing with the apps. Check the apps related Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems and solutions below.

  • You simply need to make sure that all the apps in the phone have been installed from the Play Store. If there are apps from other sources, they need to be removed
  • Make sure the phone security is enabled. Else, this problem due to due to malware and virus entry in the phone
  • Check if the problem can be solved by restarting your phone just
  • Make sure the apps are installed only in the phone memory and not in the SD card memory
  • Check and make sure the apps don’t have its older version in operation in the phone when a new version is floating
  • Simply make sure the security of any apps is not disabled
  • Your device might be running low on the memory and this can be the reason you are facing this issue

Bad camera quality

The camera might not be giving you the quality outcomes due to the following reasons.

  • Make sure to simply focus on the object before clicking the snaps or shooting the video. This basic trick simply enhance the camera quality
  • Simply check and make sure your phone doesn’t have any problem in the app you are using for operating the camera. The issues could be the reason you are facing the problem
  • Simply make sure to clean the camera lens and the screen as sometimes they makes you feel about this issue in the phone
  • Check if the camera shooting mode is selected as per the nearby conditions
  • Simply make sure the problem is not there in the phone just because of an OS bug
  • Check in case the phone is not having sufficient storage space available
  • Use camera flashlight to get the better outcomes
  • Avoid operating camera through a third-party app
  • Make sit sure that the HD mode is selected in the camera settings

Performance issues

Performance of the phone can be enhanced with the help of all the instructions which are spotlighted below.

  • In certain situations, a basic reboot to the phone can solve this concern. Do it before doing anything else
  • Check in case the problem can be solved simply by impairing your phone from all other gadgets it hosts presently
  • You simply need to make sure that no virus has entered your phone memory. This can cause the performance related issues
  • You might have completely filled your phone memory. Check and erase unwanted data if this is the case
  • The biggest factor that can impact the phone performance is the bugs in the OS and in the apps you have installed in your phone
  • It is always recommended to not to customize any important settings of the phone
  • It would be good to install and update all the apps in the phone only from the play store
  • Check carefully for a hardware fault in the phone. This can be the reason of course to this issue
  • Data downloading when the multiple files are associated should be done from the Wi-Fi than from the mobile data
  • Check in case there are so many apps which are running in the background and are causing additional burden on the RAM
  • Check for all the bugs and faults that can impact the functionality of the RAM in your phone
  • Clear the cache data from the phone regularly and make sure the phone is not facing this issue due to unused apps causing the blockage

SIM/Network related problems

Here are SIM related common Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems along with their best possible solutions.

  • Look for the SIM damage carefully. Pay attention to the condition of the SIM and the SIM tray. Insert SIM properly in the phone and restart it
  • The problem might be due to inactive services on the SIM or the suspension of the same. Check it
  • Make sure the problem is not there just because the network is not available at your location. In case you are traveling or changing location frequently, this can happen
  • Simply check and make sure the phone doesn’t have its Airplane mode enabled
  • The phone might not be recognizing the SIM due to its incompatibility with the network services. Simply keep it in mind that not all the variants are compatible with all the network services
  • Open the network setting in the phone and search for the network manually. When the network provider’s name appears, choose to register on the same. Make it your default connection
  • Set network selection mode to automatic in the network settings
  • The SIM card might be turned OFF. Check this in the SIM settings
  • Try using the SIM on another phone. You may be required to call the SIM support

Earpiece Sounds Robotic

This can happen due to problems in the phone hardware or software. Check below methods to know more about this.

  • Check if the problem is due to any software related fault in the phone
  • Make sure the earpiece you are using is of good quality and are compatible with the phone
  • Check and make sure the phone is not running in the power saving mode or in the safe mode
  • Another factor that makes you feel about this problem in your phone is when the music you are playing is not of good quality
  • Simply make sure your phone earpiece connector is not damaged
  • The sounds might be disabled in the phone memory

Screen Related Problems

To make sure the touch screen on your phone works perfectly, the following methods can simply be considered.

  • Clean the screen gently and check if the installed glass guard is not actually causing the problem
  • The screen sharing option is to be kept off as it can be the reason of improper functionality of the screen
  • Make sure not to operate the phone while performing heavy task as you can feel about this issue during the time
  • Check if the problem is due to a liquid damaged caused to the phone screen
  • You will be required to clean your hands properly and accurately
  • The screen is actually skin sensitive and therefore it can only be operated with bare hands
  • Make sure the Operating system bugs are not actually responsible for this problem
  • Simply check and make sure if the problem is there just because of active safe mode or the power saver mode
  • You will be required to erase some data from the memory of your phone

Quick Battery draining & slow charging

The common Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems that can be the reason of this behavior are spotlighted along with the guide to fix them below.

  • Check and make sure features such as GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are not turned ON when they are not required
  • The problem could be there in the phone battery. Check it properly
  • Sometimes this problem arrives due to bugs in the OS of the phone or improper behavior of the apps. Check this properly
  • Always prefer to use the genuine charger and the other accessories with the phone
  • Keeping a lot of data in the phone memory can sometimes affect the battery behavior and its charging speed
  • Simply make sure not to run multiple apps at the same time
  • The notifications are to be kept off when they really doesn’t matter to you as they can really degrade the battery performance
  • Make sure the phone is not used for any purpose while charging as this can enhance its overall charging time and speed
  • Check for a hardware problem in the phone as you can face this issue due to no other reason than this

You need to pay attention to all the issues and their solutions carefully. All the Xiaomi Mi 8 Pro problems have been listed here. If you find your concern missing, you can let us know through the below comment section.

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